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Upcoming Boxer H3

Beijing H3 – Ski Hash Weekend 2020

The time has finally come for Beijing HHH to hit the slopes!

We bring you 1.5 days of sexy skiing, a foolhardy Full Moon Hash, 2 debaucheries fuelled dinners and not one but TWO scintillating circles! And we’ll be bringing you all that plus transport and accommodation for only 1169RMB (early bird)!! Or if you’re just in it for the debauchery (no skiing) 669RMB (early bird)!

Still want more? Well OK then, you’ll also get a commemorative patch and your very own long sleeve BJ ski hash top!

Already dripping at the thought? Then scan the QR code at the bottom of this post to fill out the registration form and then send your money to Begs 4 More.

***SIGN UP CLOSES 7-February!!***


7am Saturday 29th of February – 9:30pm Sunday 1st of March


Thaiwoo, Chongli. One of the sites being developed for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games!


Return speed train ~1 hour each way. Included.
We will book these for you!
*in the incident that we can’t get tickets we will hire a bus for no extra cost
**(it may, in fact be a van)


We’ll be staying in a very comfortable hostel 500m from the ski lift!
Sharing spacious 4 bed dorms with your favourite hashers… Give me an O, give me an R…
Or pay extra for a private room: 2 people sharing = 170rmb extra each. 1 person not sharing (self-cummer) =520rmb extra.


Are you a complete beginner but want to get in on the slope action? Excellent!
Sign-up for a 3 hour private group lesson with your fellow hashers on Saturday morning with a foreign instructor. Then spend the rest of the weekend practicing your skills!
Price is dependent on numbers but will be ~500rmb. After we have numbers we will confirm the price with you and check you still want to participate.


Non-skier:669RMB (769RMB after 31-Jan)


  • Return transport
  • Saturday night accommodation in 4 bed dorm
  • Saturday night Full Moon Hash and circle
  • Saturday dinner
  • Saturday night hash party drinks
  • Sunday circle drinks
  • Sunday dinner
  • BJ HHH patch
  • BJ HHH ski hash long sleeve running top.

Skier/Boarder: 1169RMB (1269RMB after 31-Jan)

Includes everything for non-skier option plus:

  • 1.5 day ski pass
  • Equipment rental (ski/board, ski/board boots and ski poles)

Not included:

  • Ski clothes can be rented when there. Ski suit package= 50rmb/day. Helmet= 20rmb/day. Locker=20rmb/day. Gloves can’t be rented from the resort so bring your own or be prepared to buy some at the resort.
  • Breakfasts – The hostel has a good selection of cheap breakfast options. From 7:30-9:30am.
  • Lunch – The resort has plenty of great options include a Brewery Pub (with happy hour BOGO 3-5).


Scan the QR at the bottom of the page to fill out the registration form and select your options. Then send your money to Begs 4 More.

EARLY BIRD ends 31-January so do it now!
SIGN UP CLOSES 7-February!!!

Itinerary (as reliable as Mismanagement):

  • Saturday 29-February:

– 7 am Meet at Beijing North train station. Have breakfast at the train station.
– 10 am Check in at hostel and skiers have a quick lunch.
– 11:30 am skiers head to the slope to get kitted up.
– 12 pm SKIIIIII
– 4:30 pm lifts close.
– 7 pm Hash Dinner
– 9 pm FMH and circle!
– 10 pm Party in the hostel!

  • Sunday 1-March:

– 7:30 am breakfast at the hostel (not included)
– 8:30 am FULL DAY of skiing to cure that hangover
– 4:30 pm return ski gear
– 5:30 pm CIRCLE UP to uncover the weekend’s debauchery!
– 6:30 pm Hash Dinner
– 8 pm head (who said head?) to the train station
– 9:30 pm arrive in Beijing

Other information:

Q- I’m not skiing what will I do with my time?
A- The resort has some activities available such as; KTV and a Spa! Bring some games to play in the hostel’s large common area. Or simply embrace schadenfreude by watching your fellow hashers attempt to ski from Thaiwoo’s Brew Pub!

Q- Lunch isn’t included, where will I eat?
A- There’s lots of eating options in the resort. There’s even a restaurant on the slopes and, of course, a Starbucks!

Q- I’ve never skied before, do I need a lesson?
A- Yes. If you don’t you risk having a terrible time on the slope and making the slopes less safe for everyone else. Learn a new skill in the new decade

Q- Can I organise my own train tickets?
A- Speak to Juicy Blah Blah, Begs 4 More or Piss ‘n’ Chips.

Q- Can my body handle another hash away weekend?
A- Shouldn’t we find out…


Scan the QR code to register then send money to Begs 4 More.


Registration Form:

Pay Begs 4 More:

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