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For those who missed the last run or who simply don’t even remember what happened or just want to read the fine stories of the Beijing HHH.

Saturday BJHHH #1897: Fresh Hash of Beijing

When the law cannot make everyone equal, the haze will.

#1896 Hash event was already attacked by more than 300 PM2.5 of haze last week, but this week’s hashing is haze again, around 150 PM2.5. Over 40 hashers buckle down our hashing thing – hunting signs for running, nevertheless in alert and lax streets of north 2nd ring road under the half-martial law for the annual two political sessions, as if confirming the saying that the unexamined life is not worth living.

The hares Churn Me On and Cruise Line Her remake the marks and the hashers pick up on little hints of the hares as well. The first team of frontrunners cut it fine to locate the trail to move forward, such as Dry Hole, Just Ben, Beer Wolf, Nipple Kamekaze, Moral Fixation, Little Red Shitting Hood, Spicy Penis, Triple X-ray, Just Nick, Breakfast Included, TNT, Cums with Milk, virgins and so forth, via foot bridges and parks with access all day, Blow Harder spills the beans, “ this is my favorite park in Beijing!” The colorful hashing line-up work against the clock to buoy spirit.

As quick as thought, reaching the two beer stops to verify that the life without beer is not worth living, in a moment filling with biblical resonance and hashers might want to hit the jackpot with sanity of beer or take home the grand price. It will pay off to live in vain, won’t it?

The walking hare Cums in My Brum guides a flock of walkers including Hot Cockolate, John the Baptist, KiddiePoo, Super Squiter snapping Hash photos, Chewancca, Cock Chain, virgins and so son. Karate and a young harriette rise and dance in happy mood. Just Victoria brings her local titties to observe the hashing situation. The hashers get more touchy topics and are pressed for time to loop back to HH House.

A flight of corridor with the top of the green grid in a treelawn next to north 2nd ring road offers an exclave for a congested circle, the hashers almost bunching up together under such a skylight. DH waves a slapper to whip up an aisle for passers-by. A posse of latecumers turn up, like BDSaMateur in a bright blue wig, many of whom hold a bumpy-bikini-body-shaped cup of beer, like Danger Zone, Slap the Bitch, Twin Cest, etc as well as Limp Fish Dick, Silent But Deadly, Bitch Bandit trickling in. A spray of rose AutoBlow takes from Molotov Cock seems to be into bouquet toss.

GM Dazed & Confused shouts his head off to moderate a crowded show. He is such a catch. 14 virgins in droves stand out to accept a bustling welcome ceremony. The balladic Hash songs from Song Master DH dramatize each episode amid the confusion of joy and a team of active hashers echo his songs to be in cracking voice. Rambo No.5 wins his #111 run patch and Just Fay scores his #10 run patch. Heart On and DH are called in to chant airy song. Cheesy Balls and Pickle Boy swill the devotional beers with their new shoes. RA Piss & Chips is detail-oriented for her duty. Co-GM Shanghai Man in different voice and songs juices up the site.

The hashing bro Fetus Envy performs his FOYW hashing afresh after his flying visit to BJH3. Suddenly a caboodle of local farmer tourists cut through the circle. In a flash, everything is melting into a smile and a salute for a gaiety of nations.

Just Niuniu is pulled to inundate with a cascade of nominations for her naming, subsequent to a heated volume to vote, Joy Ride Her fits in with her driving life in a proper extent, then a storm of beer shower and pink petals baptize her body on her knees in the very circle. Screams and laughter attend her to feel up to it, so many harriettes tho! RA eventually leads a chorus of Swing Low by flourishing the passion of hashers together.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Wednesday,

March 13, 2019

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