Positive thinking during pregnancy could help children’s ability in math and science

Boxer Hash #175 proceeded as scheduled on Saturday hared by Little Red Shit Hood, BBC and Cock Chain. 25 stellar-ish hashers loomed large at Cherry Valley nearby Mentougou district to demonstrate a seething meme in a fair day.

Again! The next day is another pollution-free day. Multiple active hashers cut back on their presentation to the downtown Hash. 14 hashers canter Tsinghua zone on and off. The only running hare Pickle Boy has to lead the way for the hashers from time to time because there are not signs at all on the part of trail, which literally unfurls the reality that no matter how sound laws and regulations are, there will always be new helplessness and something turns dark. Molotov Cock, BBC, Cums for Seconds, Just Marshell and virgin forge ahead via teaching buildings, run-down houses and quiet digs quarters. It appears that creeping Jesus is being pitched up everywhere by whipping up political slant with ostracizing scholarship matter-of-factly. The hashers squeak through a menu of conflicting statistics and whip up spiritual enhancement against these out-and-out rogues under the thumb of lusts.

It’s answerable, at such odds, catcall to drink at three beer stops at different points of Tsinghua living area. The hashers prolong to converse with each other. The warm sunshine shines on the hashers as harbinger of spring. The only walking hare Dr. Shocker guides several walkers to gather with runners on the nose. Karate mentions we’ve got rich. PB asks who got rich? Like such the bloody high housing price, who can afford it? Karate says some are demolished and became rich, PB retorts that people can’t get rich by luck, where is the positive energy? Karate is speechless. A handful of locals with words look at the hashers. BBC somehow slips a bottle of beer out of his hand and a bang attracts the passers-by to stare into the hashers. PB hurries to find out dustpan and broom to clean the ground. Hash Cash Moose Knuckles squares away Hash beer payments.

Before the circle, Little Red Shit Hood leaves early because of his hangover on his Boxer yesterday. In the sun, the hashers start celebrating at a parking lot. Rambo No.5 for the first time substitutes for GM and runs the show slowly and methodically. RA More Men spouts the eloquent summary of hashing in a brisk fashion. These two hares are called out to drink. DS clearly exposes his English language barrier, though, acting like a piece of wood and sometimes like a child hiding behind PB. English language is a basic requirement if hashers want to harmonize Hash events to the fullest extent. Otherwise, it will easily cause unnecessary troubles in this fragile international situation. DS has participated in hashing for more than 2 years, it is ok that he cannot speak English, but he does not have an ability to learn, he must embarrass the hashers without cease. Thanks for his designing the trail of Tsinghua university. MM and MK play the role of Song Masters to juice up the spot with the cheerful and dynamic Hash songs. Spicy Peanuts sips water, too. John the Baptist is pulled to sing All Australians Was Born Illegitimate with pride. Super Squirter clicks Hash photos. RA MM eventually electrifies the arms and legs of hashers with a chorus of Swing Low. 7 hashers enjoy up-scale Uighur cuisine in an elegant room.

It is said that the die-hard hasher Crash Test Dummy will come along for his FOYW run after his rigidity of years in BJH3, but he does not show up, he did so in his own way as usual. Wishing he has a good journey. Cheerio!

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

February 21, 2019