When climbing a steeper rock cliff, the hands and feet form four supporting points of human body. Three of them are used in turn to keep human body temporarily fixed on the rock surface, while moving one hand or one foot to continue climbing upwards. This is called three-point power fixing method for mountaineering safety. How many power points are your countries used to climb mountains?

It’s not a Boxer Hash. 18 hashers hash on a flat ground with two power points, but with the escort of three power points, aka, three veteran hares Dry Hole, Shanghai Man and Limp Fish Dick. Beijing has become an empty city when 15 million migrants returned home for Chinese New Year. Perhaps the open restaurants are only easy to find near the south 3rd ring road. Working our socks off to locate Hash signs in a forlorn area through villages alleyways, broad streets, crossroads and residential quarter, a fat chance to lose the way. Little Red Shit Hood somehow puts his head into a little panda headgear to run.

Just Niuniu hands out a red papercut, a Chinese character Fortune, according to Chinese custom, adorning anywhere with the Chinese character Fortune upside down, taking a Chinese pronunciation, which means Fortune Is Here. You bet! There are many such games or inheritances of superstitions in China. In the trail, at almost every intersection, the locals can be seen burning paper money to pay their respects to their relatives or lots of circles of chalk can be seen everywhere, with a small pile of paper money ashes in the middle. The only thing to see improvement is that the locals don’t let off firecrackers during the CNY this year. If a person’s notions do not improve, equipping with more advanced hardware is a disaster. Moose Knuckles, Pickle Boy and other hashers are firing on all cylinders to crack on. When push comes to shove, the hashers put our foot down and keep our work on track, tear our hair on a way out all over the shop.

While arriving the closed building materials market, a landmark decoration pops out Hash Hold, a small old-fashion airplane alluring hashers to click group photos. Taking the weight off our feet at two different beer stops. One is in a digs neighborhood. Another is in a godforsaken area called Datong. Several dead shared bikes on the rubbles. Two big wolfdogs attract the dog person DH to play together shortly. It might develop a good judge of character.

The circle is sited at a spacious open space where a demolition land is geared up for a new round of real estate development of the windfall tax, not far away, a bright wrapped viaduct slants through, the high-speed trains inside whizzes by. Proxy GM Bearded Clam and RA More Men, the powers that be, push the boat out the lie of the land with these three powerful hares. Just Peggy waves a pair of slappers, punishing some noising hashers so lightly. One virgin is welcomed as usual. Nut & Bone from Shenyang HHH exchanges gifts with GM of BJHHH, a pin and a stack of run patches of SYH3 to a wad of run patches of BJH3, then he has bigger fish to fry and bows out. Rambo No.5 snaps situational pictures. John the Baptist asks to sing All Australians Are Born Illegitimate song with the virgin. Karate, Spicy Peanuts and Just Stan grin all the time, in particular Just Vogal bursting out a rhythmic burp of laughter. Turns out proxy GM and RA co-lead the chorus of Swing Low as the total package, get something out of our system for the salt of the earth. 10 hashers stay to eat toast fish and swap stories at table.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

February 07, 2019