Walking the walk betters talking the talk

Friday night, Full Moon Hash #128 called Snow Moon Polar Plunge, ruled by FM GM BDSaMateur and FM RA Blow Harder, kindled enthusiasm of 20-ish titillating souls for catching up with the last winter swimming. The hot hashers accelerated the melting of the lake ice. It’s doozy.

“Sunday is funday!” The masculine hares Beer Wolf and Tramp Stamp express their willingness by showing off the intimate trail nearby Hash bar Paddy’s, not without co-hare MargariCunt as the Paddy’s guy, who patronizes the bulk of beers and wines to 50+ hashers. Special thanks to Religious Advisor More Men for her functional reduction of haze from more than 250 PM to 50 PM during the hashing.

Hashers come back from all over the world. Drinks Like Girl presenting T-shirts to hashers; tanned Blow Harder dressing like gypsy in a primitive shawl; Chewancca had a clean shave on his face like someone else; Extra Dry wearing moustache almost forgets some Hash mark’s meaning after he didn’t attend Hash event for a long time; Mussels from Brussels still retains his vigor and youth;  Blow Job gets drowsy eyes to drink on his knees on the ground; AutoBlow still lights up with pleasure; Heart On glows out a white-collar temperament in a bright casual dress; Danger Zone becomes a light drinker; Super Squirter rolls out a pink crib in which her baby pussycat prostrates and she feels like a mother; Pussy Nibble and Glitoris watch and smile quietly; Shaven Not Stirred, Wondering Tongue, CumShot and Hot Cockolate still gather together to shoot quality pictures. Hashers are changing, though.

The grand circle spreads a festive atmosphere hosted by high-spirited GM Dazed & Confused and jubilant RA More Man. Bearded Clam and Tit for Tap serve the hashers with wine and beer as Beer Bitch. Dry Hole takes hold of a slapper to whack the noisy hashers. Molotov Cock holds a glass of Guinness in which the top layer of foam is engraved with an exquisite logo of Paddy’s. One by one latecumers Bitch,please, Cruise Line Her, Moral Fixation, etc. 5 virgins accept a hilarious welcome ceremony with a little surprise. BBC wins his run patch and blue mug and Principal Penetration as well scores his #69 run patch and magnetic beer opener. Moose Knuckles puts on a super shorts and let him squat down that seems calling for none of your keyhole. Cums in My Brum struts in, yanks down her shorts to reveal an elaborate multicolored hare tattoo, and the crowd shout, as if for a pair of aquiver faces, no, a pair of buttocks. DSaMateur and Piss & Chips scramble to “accuse” of something in the top of voices. Karate is yelled in to be irrigated a mouthful of Jim Hamster. John the Baptist and Just Fay observe in silence. Just Victor is hailed to name his Hash Handle. Pursuant to several nominations, Twin Sex pours into his body on his knees to endorse officially in the circle with a storm of beer shower accompanied by screams, snapshooting, and The Hasher Song by the hashers. A chorus of Swing Low as always calms down all hashers toward the distance led by the RA MM.

Numerous hashings in the vicinity of Paddy’s, a tad of newfangled trail where the hashers jog along a narrow and secluded bank of canal. Jumping some lights. The pacemakers stay on the ball to explore the trail, such as DH, MC, MK, BBC, Just Ben, Pickle Boy, MfM, Cums for Seconds, Just Marshell, Spicy Peanuts, virgins and so forth. As TNT runs onward, her backpack makes a rhythmic rubbing of pills, which sounds like a sand hammer playing. The area cannot be more familiar to hashers and it’s just around 5-km track. Three beer stops were set to a nicety. At the first one, Shanghai Man, Little Red Shit Hood, CiMB, Bitch Bandit, Chewancca and TS come off a beer drinking contest with a can of beer each. SHM shows a professional level and gets two done. Oracle Boner utters a variant shriek. Rambo No.5 takes candid photograph. At the second one, hanging on Hash bar XL, the owner Jane identifies with hashers. A big Hash family photo is clicked by a guy standing at the top of a ladder. At the third one perching on a hustling small crossroad, all in good time. But clumps of cables tangle around the roadside high-voltage pole and distribution box, looking at the sense of fear and chaos.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

February 28, 2019