The length of individuals ’telomeres, or caps on the ends of chromosomes, which shorten as we get older. Cardiovascular health, exercise, and low-fat diets can all make a positive difference.

To assume formlessness in preventing aging reflects a nice hashing, coupling with simple comfort to demonstrate rank and fashion in a cheerful and endless celebration in the form of circle by 30 hashers next to a canal, tucking in the high quality German beer Dry Hole tapped into his VIP card to source online. GM Shanghai Man and hashers hail out these three hares Pussy Nibble, Chokes One Out and Super Squirter for their estimable and onerous trail, seems not so much to cushion the blow from sickener and stumbler as to distinguish between tribune and hegemony. Adding much spice, two GMs SHM and Dazed & Confused co-carouse a spittoon of beer. RA More Men takes an arm cast as Hash heirloom from ex-RA Heart On and so brave is she that she lobs a mug of beer in her hand to cataract on her face for a hard drink, she gains her #150 run patch, too. Chewancca turns up as latecumer. D&C and Pikachu are called in to lubricate for their deed that improved Hash Photo Walls with massy frames at Hash bar Paddy O’ shea’ s. It seems like the world is building walls everywhere, isn’t it? All hashers loudly sing FOWY song to the hare COO. Just Guenther is pulled out and given his Hash Handle known as Cavity Search after rounds of voice voting. The smoky white flour renders the scene and sprinkles on his pious body on his knees, like a pleasant snowfall to bring hashers a kind of good luck. A chorus of Swing Low creates compelling spectacle from hashers on the same page.

By trial and error for steering clear of the thumbscrew in the trail. The hare COO early arrives at the gate of Ditan park and distributes tickets to each hasher. A deluge of red lanterns adorn the park for a forthcoming Chinese New Year. Suddenly 007 enters a big red gate of a red-wall house by decoding the device on the door in stride, he lives in the park? As the hashers hunt for signs, Pickle Boy yells out one whereby he removes a baby’s water cup sitting on a sign on the curb, he explains to their mom that we are running along the mark. Adult smiles and toddlers shout they wanna run as well. Two rows of tree-lined passage on which neatly red lanterns are hung high to form a straight red lanterns boulevard, displaying a blessed pathway. The hashers by all means take group pictures here. Duh Spot also tries to jog a short distance; Little Red Shit Hood lilts forward with humming a ditty; the hare and Hash Flash SS clicks bunches of Hash photos. Flocks of pigeons pace up and down on the open ground to play with sightseers, not clay pigeon for shooter. Out of the park, shuttling thru streets and lanes and foot bridge until hitting first beer stop, however many missed and came back per the pin on WeChat group sent by the hare. Limp Fish Dick dresses an office suit to burst in late as best walking uniform. The hare COO leads the hashers to belt out Hash song Free Beer for Hashers, which radiates a heat atmosphere. A small group of walkers crowd in the hashing energy field like Churn Me On, Rambo No.5, KiddiePoo, Just Zoe, Just Fay, etc.

Minor Annoyance coming back for a holiday runs alongside Principal Penetration all the way. Danger Zone, Moral Fixation, Bitch Please, Sweet & Furry on a short visit, Hot Cockolate, Snake Cunter, Just Ben, Just Yan and so on dash up ahead. Rushing in another park. When the runners go astray for a while, the hare PN has a good nose for locating a right direction. On the iced lake, there is nobody to skate, perhaps for a safety in a sunny day. The hashers file out of the park to reach second beer stop unwittingly. Silent but Deadly rambles in and says she lives nearby. The hare buys beer three times for the guzzling hashers and a beer carton is piled up by empty beer cans of the hashers. Through residential zone, tumbling to the hashers for a homeward orientation and along the north-2-ring-road canal, DH, Moose Knuckles and SHM cross the frozen water to prove that it’s still solid. The hashers work hard in silence, let hashers success be hashers’ noise. Faith is to believe what hashers do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what hashers believe. Be sound in mind and body. And then it’s meant to be!

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

January 31, 2019