The chivalry in the past has evolved into a spirit of independence and a sense of equality in the modern society.

The hashing brings 27 hashers into full play to be self like king or queen with beer, running and walking in the timeworn Drum Tower zone.Winding through hutongs along the bank of Shichahai lake and the hashers can’t be too careful for beating the crowd. Crash Test Dummy at the head of hashing lineup at all times, but sometimes he is unlucky and takes the wrong route from the Open Check and Two Ways as well as Three Ways. The hare Cums for Seconds re-marks the trail at times. Moose Knuckles lopes onward by dazzling his bare long legs in such a cold winter. One by one, Moral Fixation, Limp Fish Dick, Danger Zone, Breakfast Included, Hot Cockolate, Spicy Peanut, Cock Chain, etc. On the frozen lake of Shichahai are dense folks in colors skating at a leisure pace. Going straight through a prolonged and narrow alleyway and soon reaching first beer stop next to avenue. Over 10 walkers guided by the two walking hares Not Tonight and Just Niuniu appear as well. They are Cheesy Balls, Churn Me On, Slap the Bitch, Duh Spot, Just Victor, Just Fray etc. Sipping and talking for 15 minutes. Then setting off to a block of hutongs with vicissitudes of life. As soon as meandering out of the atmosphere of stick-in-the-mud, crossing a hustling street to get to second beer stop where the hashers linger on a break for 25 minutes or so. CTD and John the Baptist lost the way and directly return to the restaurant. The hashers zigzag thru hutongs to loop back to HH House.

CTD and Triple X-ray exit ahead of time. BBC and Karate with his virgin show up as latecumers. The latest one is Bitch Bandit stepping in right on time as these latecumers are being punished to drink together. It’s obliged to thank that the circle is allowed to happen at the spacious second floor of QS bar because the smog has been ramping up to a mess outside like more than 250 PM, and most of hashers buy fancy beers at a flat price, RMB 15. GM Shanghai Man and RA More Men masterly moderate a performance, especially SHM cum Song Master function jazzing up the spot. 2 virgins are welcomed with process. Super Squirter scores her #123 run patch. Rambo No.5 photographs the hashers from different angles. Of course, pulling out these four hares to lubricate more for their noble gig. Whoops! The authoritarianism has already turned the honor and dignity of the noble spirit into the luxury and vanity. Therefore the alleged kings and queens go over like a lead balloon until RA MM ushers all hashers in a novel prospect of the lively chorus of Swing Low. At night the air quality is being Satanized to hit about 450 PM 2.5.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Thursday,

January 17, 2019