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Beijing HHH #1936 – The Morning After Hashmas

By |2019-12-05T12:59:51+08:00December 5th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

T'was the morning after Hashmas when all through the city,  Not a Hasher was stirring, Not even Karate, The hares were out laying the trail with care, In the hopes that the Hashers soon would be there, The Hashers were hungover all asleep in their(?) beds, While flashbacks of Hashmas piece together in their heads, And three virgin hares are [...]

Beijing HHH #1935 – The Hashland Games

By |2019-11-27T15:18:31+08:00November 27th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

It has long been foretold that on a wintery, dry, Saint Andrews (Sun)Day the hashers of Beijing will rise up and compete in a Hashland Games. These Games are a test of power, strength and drinking-skill. May the winner be crowned King of the Beer and bring glory to the hash-fathers (and mothers and virgins...) Brave-hearted hashers, prepare your kilts [...]

By |2019-11-06T18:50:36+08:00November 26th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers, Boxer Hash House Harriers, Full Moon Hash House Harriers, Hash House Harriers|

It’s the most wonderful time for a beeeerr!!! (Dis)Honorable hashers, Dig out your ugliest jumper, dust off your baubles and ready your mistletoe for the MERRIEST event of the year, the HASHMAS PARTY! On the 7 th of December from 7 pm we’ll mix, mingle and have a jolly good time with: a delicious, drool-worthy BUFFET for vegetarians and meat-eaters [...]

Beijing H3 Run #1934: Winter drawers on!

By |2019-11-21T19:27:26+08:00November 21st, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

What’s your favorite number? For some, it may be the day they were born. For some, it may be the shortest distance to beer. For others, there’s always the answer to the perpetual question of life, the universe, and everything. Come with us for a traditional early winter slog through the backstreets of our city, counting the number of bends [...]

Beijing HHH #1933 – To Baiduizi and Beyond

By |2019-11-14T13:10:31+08:00November 14th, 2019|Beijing Hash House Harriers|

Another week means another hash, another trail, another hangover. Who's to blame for this? Yanjing beer? No - none other than the hares! Quit your bitchin and leave the kitchen, join Sixty Second Suck-Off, Loose Lips, and Piss N Chips on the west side! We promise open checks and "what the heck"s, a run through the park with no doggos [...]

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