You’re speeding along the Jingmi Expressway, questioning whether you really needed to have another four pints at Paddy’s the night before an early morning flight (of course you did). Looking up from your hungover daze, you spot something that catches your eye – a panda statue dressed in robot garb.

Are you imagining things? Is this just a Carlsberg fueled hash-illusion? Surely no Beijing sub-district would have a free wifi-emitting cyborg panda statue as their mascot…

Hash rumour has it that the Wangjing Panda gives out free beer to all true-blue hashers…

Welcome to Wangjing! The city-within-the-city, Beijing’s very own Korea Town!

Now known for the multitude of international companies and mega tech firms that call this sub-district home, Wangjing – probably more so than any other suburb of Beijing – exemplifies the rapid pace of development that defines this fine city.

Twenty five years ago it was known as the Sleeping City, with most residents working in other areas of Beijing. An increasing Korean population settled here in the late ‘90s and throughout the 2000s, establishing it as the Korea Town of Beijing.

At one point, one-third of the population of Wangjing was Korean.

Korean-language signs adorn the shopfronts, with fried chicken and tteokbokki being the preferred drunk food of choice for Wangjingers.

Cum join the hares as we take you on a whirlwind tour to experience the sights and signs of this northeastern district of Beijing! From cherry blossom-lined canals and leafy parks, to the great Zaha Hadid’s architectural masterpiece Wangjing Soho.

Live out your K-pop dreams, pretend you’re in a Korean drama, or just join us to get drunk. Everyone is welcome!

As we know, hashers love alleyways and will be delighted to find out that Wangjing Walk was nominated among “The Most Beautiful Alleys in Beijing 2021”.

So, say annyeonghigyeseyo to Beijing and annyeonghaseyo to the city-within-the-city: Wangjing!

Hash Cash: 30 RMB (run, beer, circle), 105 RMB (run, beer, circle, dinner)

Walking Hares: Bloody Butt Precise, Just George

Running Hares: Silent Suck-off, Just Hannah

Trail: A to (almost) A. (Bags can be dropped at the restaurant, not a dog friendly route)

When: Sunday, 12th May 2024

Meet-up: 2:30 pm

Run Starts: 3:00 pm

Walking Trail: 7 km

Running Trail: 14 km

Meet up:

餐厅:全州屋 (望京店)


Restaurant Name: Quanzhouwu (Wangjing Branch)

Address:Floor 1, Area A4, Youlehui, intersection of Guangshun South Street and Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing



Take metro line 14, get off from Wangjingnan Station Exit A (Northwest exit), walk 643 meters to the restaurant.

(Get off from Wangjingnan Station Exit B1 if you want to see the Wangjing panda statue).