On the horizon looms the grandest shenanigan in the land of tulips, windmills and beer – April 27th, King’s Day!

It’s not just any old royal knees-up; it’s the day Holland turns as orange as the Dutch football team, celebrating the birth of their ale-loving monarch, King Willem Alexander. The streets are filled with orange-clothed party-goers, their spirits as high as their beer levels, and there’s a cacophony of music, street raves, flea markets, and funfairs. The Dutch toast the day away along the glistening canals, their hands never far from a frothy brew, honouring the colour of the royal family, the “House of Orange”.

Now, gather around for the “Essential Guide to Swilling Ale like a True Dutchman.” Hashers, fear not! The legendary rituals of Dutch beer guzzling are written in the sacred scrolls of BJH3 – and it’s as simple as a drunken hash. Arm yourself with a few magical chants like “proost” (cheers) and “een biertje alsjeblieft” (a beer, please), and you’re halfway to being mistaken for a local. Just remember, during your ale-fueled escapades, you must try and maintain some level politeness expected by neighbours of the mother country.

There are ways to speed up the familiarisation process, including the following handy tips:

  1. all beer is good, and every beer is a treasure waiting to be discovered!

In the taverns of the Low Countries, beer is served in quaint vessels called vaasjes (little vases) or fluitjes (little whistles) that hold 33 cl and 20 cl of golden nectar respectively. It is said that vaasjes or fluitjes preserve the taste of beer better than bigger glassware and keep bubbly brews like pilsner from going flat. So, harriettes, clean your vaasjes and hares, stash your fluities until you need them.

2. Adventurous sampling

It is totally normal to pair your beer with a shot of jenever, a juniper-infused elixir much loved in The Netherlands), a combo affectionately dubbed “een kopstoot” which translates to ‘a head butt’ in English.

While guzzling ale, the locals chomp on tasty bar snacks called “borrelhapjes” (little drink bites) in the mistaken belief it will prevent them from getting too drunk.

Venturing into the heart of the Netherlands, people are quickly captured by a beer culture as rich and deep as the country’s history. Here, beer is not just a drink; it’s a pillar of social life, a legacy of brewing mastery stretching back to the Middle Ages, and a vibrant testament to the Dutch spirit of innovation. This land might be small, but its beer soul is as vast as the open sea.

So, to all you courageous explorers of the amber brew, raise your vaasjes and fluitjes to the Netherlands – a pint-sized country with a barrel-sized passion for beer. Cheers to the land where every day is worthy of a toast, and every toast is a tall story in the making.

Hares: Just Johnny JYW, Just Keshan, Shtupwaffel

Type: A to B without bag drop, ask a walker to carry your bag.

When: Saturday April 27th 2024. Meet at 2.30pm, run/walk starts at 3.00 pm.

Hashcash: 30rmb for run and circle.

DINNER: Pay for yourself for dinner afterwards. This will be held at RC&C’s

Drunken Hour: THE BEER GAMES. Circle will be held inside.

Dinner place: 尚8设计+创意园 北京市朝阳区深沟村1号

Meetup: Line 1 – Yong’An Li Metrostation – Exit C South entrance