“This whole Christmas season is stupid, stupid, stupid!”
– The Grinch

Hashy Christmas Everyone! This is the event you have been waiting for! … and we can’t wait to ruin it for all of you. The Walking Grinch, The Running Grinch, and Mr. Hans Gruber, are here to steal Hashmas.

There have been many things putting a spanner in our works, many hashers losing Christmas holidays due to decisions beyond their control, and that made us very happy. But since Beijingville is opening up and slimming our chances of having a Christmas-free 2022; we’ve taken matters into our own hands and infiltrated SantaCon to bring you the shittiest trail of all time.

A wise Grinch once said “Those Beijingers are hard to frazzle.” So if you’re a true Beijinger, there’s absolutely no reason to miss out on this hash (Unless you’ve caught the Novel- GRINCH-19 -Virus, of course). Come join us for this dreadful occasion, where we’ll erase all your memories of the C-Word by making you down-down-down copious amounts of festive beers.

“Yippee-Ki-Yay… motherf*ckers.”


“What’s Santa have that I don’t?” Cum in your Christmas seasonal best to get in the festive mood. (Birthday Suits are not recommended as it is a bit too cold, but we won’t stand in your way if you’re brave enough).

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart, hand in hand, and ass to ass. On On!”
– Dr. Suess

Hares: (“What idiot put you in charge?”- Die Hard 2)

Walking hare: The Masturbator and Margarita

Running hares: Lost in Sex, Just May

What; A-to-B hash, and is not dog-friendly as well as not kid-friendly

When: Saturday, 17thDecember.

Meet at 1:30 pm for pre-drinks.
Hash starts at 2:00 pm.

Where: La maison lyonnaise.

法国里昂餐厅 北京市朝阳区光华路44A1室巴西大使馆对面

The Enemies of Christmas Hash is a tie-in with SantaCon so we can celebrate the special holiday season with our non-hasher friends. <3


Hash cash:

As this is a special pub-crawl hash, you can pay as you go.

Hash cash is 20 RMB for circle drinks

Restaurant: There isn’t one. On Paddy’s! (One of Santa’s lesser know reindeers