There is no official Hash today, but that shouldn’t stop us from our two favorite pastimes: running and drinking. TODAY, Sunday, May the Fourth (be with you) Life of Pee and Six Kuai Short invite you to meet for run, burgers, and beer. We will meet at 6pm at Chaoyang West Gate. If you are one of the many folks working today, then you can come join us whenever you have time.

Where to meet for run:

Chaoyang West Gate at 6:00 p.m.  Find us in the park anytime after. Run together or at your own pace.

Where to meet for dinner:

 Home Plate (in Sanlitun) 8:00 pm and after. 10 Nan Sanlitun Lu (walk 100m past entrance of The Bookworm, next to Banana Leaf) tel 5128-5584

Send Six Kuai Short on Weixin/Wechat if you are trying to find us:  mcjacobs