Without further ado, here`s Away Hash 2022 details:

But first, lots of virgins don`t know ‘what is away hash’? Well, It`s a hash we will stay in the mountains area overnight, get back the next day. So pay attention to the itinerary below, surprisingly, it really will happen according to that (roughly).

About the  trails:

There will be three hashes/runs during away hash.

We are going to Shidu,btw. 房山十渡,国家地质公园。

First, normal Boxer run, will happen right after arriving our destination:

Running trail will be about 15.0km, elevation rise about 350m.

Walking trail will be about 10.0km, elevation rise about 300m. 

But as we know, these numbers are not accurate, boxer will never bore you. Prepare for the suprises.

***High mountain rafting will be a part of the running trail and walking trail.***

Second, Full moon hash , special night run, will be in the night after dinner, it`s gonna be short, about 3 km, it`s mainly for people to have night party and do fun(naked) things.

Third, next morning`s hangover hash, will be in Gushanzhai, soucing the waterfalls run, really really nice place. Will take about 2 hours, and it`s optional. It`s 3k away from our hotel, will arrange bus, or you can run there.

There will be a fourth hash after we get back to city next day in the afternoon, German Theme city hash #2061. But that`s no longer part of Away Hash, I mean you need to pay 30 kuai for that, also optional.


Boxer run:

Walking hares: The Masturbator and Margarita, Pekinski Bikininski;

Running hares: Shitposter_69/ Disappointed Semen, Just Ruby;

Full moon run:

Live trail by Boxer gms.

Hangover hash run:

Live trail by the driver and Boxer gms.


20th -21st Aug 2022

8月20日 -21日


August 20th morning, 8.30am meet at Paddy O` Shea`s, bus departs at 9:00am sharp!

Bus departs at Renmin University 9.30am subway station Exit A1, also sharp!

And bus departs at Shijingshan pickup spot around 10.00am ,Lianshi East  Road and Shicao Middle Road intersection!

9点Paddy O` Shea`s出发,9点半人民大学地铁站A1路口,10点石景山莲石东路和石槽中路交叉口,不见不散!



Option 1: Explore Your Wild Side

Bring your own tent along with sleeping bag and mat to enjoy the great summer weather outside near the hotel and river. Mosquitos no bite us!

NOTE 1: A shower will be available to get cleaned up, talk to your hotel mates. Bring your own towel to be safe.

NOTE 2: Campers get a CNY 150 discount.

Option 2: Keep It Intimate…

One double occupancy room with two beds, perfect for a friendly chat, romp, party, or to start a pillow fight…

NOTE: If you wish to have a room to yourself, add CNY 150 to your registration fees. Make note of this when you register. A king room for two people costs the same. No single room available.


Hash Cash:

600 RMB full package gets you…

–     Trails and circle

–     High mountain rafting, Shidu specialty

–     Around-trip bus ride

–     Bottomless beer, all you can drink to and from Beijing on the bus, on the hash, and during meals.

_     Special cocktails

_     Snacks and fruits, after the run before dinner and next day.

_     Water and other drinks

–      Hash dinner first day

–      Brunch, Chinese and western barbeque next day

–     Hotel room one bed in a double room

–     Ticket for Hangover hash

–    Special Away hash haberdasheries, patch and T-shirt




Other hash cash packages:

Option 1

–  Camper 450 RMB

Option 2

– No rafting 540 RMB, normally the rafting costs 180 RMB per person, we got a very charming discount, so why not?

*There can be more options, like camper and no rafting, or own room, contact Shitposter_69 for special needs.

Also, we have discount for mountain sliding cars 60RMB out of 100RMB, and Off road Kart 80 rmb out of 188 single person or 268 double. Can buy the tickets on spot, and these are optional, special discount offer from the hares, not included in  hash cash.*



Cancellations made by August 10th will be fully refunded. Any cancellation made from August 11th onwards will be charged CNY 300 ,but you’ll still get the haberdasheries.

But then again, why would you even think of canceling this wonderful trip??



First day Aug  20th Notes
8.30 Meet at Paddy`s Bar not open,  no food available,  please bring own breakfast, there`s food nearby
9.00 Bus leaves Paddy`s



Bus leaves Renmin  University Exit A1

Bus leaves  Shijingshan meetup spot

12.00 Arrive at Shidu  Depends  on the traffic
12.10 Chalk talk Hares off, yes, no lunch
15.00 End of trail,  rafting spot  There’re  electric cars to go up the mountain, we recommend you to run up there.



Hotel check  in, clean up


People who  signed up for sliding cars and Off-road Kart go on to play)
17.00 Circle





Full moon hash  and party

Second day Aug  21st Notes
7.30 Bus to  hangover hash spot Optional, 3km  away from hotel, you can also run there. If you don’t go, no refund for the ticket. :)
9.30 Bus come back  to hotel  If you  are late for the bus, run back to hotel.




Brunch,  Chinese  and western barbeque  brunch


Bus leaves Shidu




Depends on the  traffic


Arrive at City  hash spot


Live trail, Hares  off

15.00 Chalk talk,  city hash run start



Dinner or back  home


Paddy`s or home

What to Bring:

  • Green code and 72 hours test report ( may require by the restaurant.)
  • Your ID or passport with you to check into the hotel;
  • Bring your warm clothes and battery pack (充电宝) , it could be cold at night;
  • Bring your swimsuit/ extra clothes for rafting and swimming in the river;
  • The hotel has towels and slippers, but we also suggest bringing your own stuff.
  • Bring your own mug and bottles so we don’t have to waste extra paper cups or give us chance to sell our boxer cups.
  • A sense of adventure, direction, and humour.



We need to know  the numbers to reserve the hotel, go ahead to register. Better sign up before August 15th. If you sign up later than that, you may get your haberdashery late.

Sign up link:  scroll down to click “Read more”

Meet Up:

Paddy O` Shea`s (on the street)



If you come to Paddy`s by subway:


Dongzhimen subway station 澳大利亚使馆对面(Exit C) Ten minutes walk east.


Agricultural Exhibition Center subway station 农业展览馆(Exit D2) Ten minutes walk west.地铁:10号线亮马桥站西北A口

Renmin University meetup spot:

Subway line 4 Renmin University station Exit A1.

Walk to the intersection.

Shijingshan meet up spot:Shicao Middle street and Lianshi East road side road, or Sinopec Shimeiquan Filling Station.



The Beijing boxer hash is an off-road running hash going out to the hills around Beijing once/twice a month. We usually aim for the second/third Saturday of each month, but may vary depending on the hares’ availability and other variable factors we have zero control over. Be prepared for variable weather conditions: snow, ice, heatwave, storms.

We’re a running hash. It’s ok to walk but not to lallygag. Keep moving… Heart attacks are not permitted. As we are out on mountain trails, it’s easy to get lost. Please bring a phone with you! We may or may not send a search party looking for you. If we do, chances are it will consist primarily of rabid dogs and hungry wolves. That being said, we are glad to have you join us and hope you enjoy a great day! (by the way, no you won’t be back for your important dinner date bring them along instead)