[Verse 1]

Almost Heaven, West Bei Ji-ing

Silver Mountains, Tall Pagodas and Forests

Life is boring, drink more and more

Hashing in the mountains, yelling like a fool


Chang Ping roads, take me home

For a beer or seven

West Bei-Jing, mountain hashers

Take me home, Chang Ping roads

While your hares aren’t so adept at lyrical witticisms, they are quite capable of finding awesome (A-A) trails in the far northwestern, mountains of Chang Ping and providing great beverages.

Join your amazing hares Limp Fish Dick and Just Kevin as well as your lazy walking hare Dildo Delivery for a spectacular journey filled with shiggy, tall pagodas, mountain views, pools (hopefully not green) some snow, and plenty of free beer to ring in the end of summer and beginning of fall.


Saturday,September 23 9月23日星期六


8.30am meet at Paddy O` Shea`s, bus departs at 9:00am sharp!

9:30am meet at Wangjing West Station, Exit C…also sharp!

9点Paddy O` Shea`s出发,9点半望京西C口,不见不散!!


Limp Fish Dick, Just Kevin, Dildo Delivery

Hash Cash:

200RMB gets you…

  • Trail and circle
  • Around-trip bus ride
  • Bottomless beer
  • Special cocktails
  • Snacks
  • Water and other drinks
  • Hash dinner
8.30 Meet at Paddy`s Bar not open,  no food available,  please bring own breakfast.
9.00 Bus leaves Paddy`s
9.30 Wangjing West Station,Exit C
11.10 Arrive at  trail, hares off, chalk talk Chang Pint district of Beijing
11.30 Running and hiking Options:  walking trail

Runners  trail

18.00 Dinner
19:00 Back to town
On after


Our lovely hash bar Paddy`s!

What to Bring:

Mobile phone, power bank, running or hiking shoes, a water bottle or water pouch.

A sense of adventure, direction, and humour.

Food& beverages:

Breakfast,extra snacks,own cup orCamelbak.


We need to know the numbers, go ahead to register.

Sign up link:scroll down to click “Read more”

Meet Up:

Paddy O` Shea`s(on the street)



If you come by subway: LINE2 AND 13 Dongzhimen subway station澳大利亚使馆对面(Exit C) Ten minutes walk east.

LINE10 Agricultural Exhibition Center subway station农业展览馆(Exit D2) Ten minutes walk west.地铁:10号线亮马桥站西北A口


Line 14 Wangjing West Station, Exit C, walk to thered circle spot.

Boxer #221, Les Champions de Chang Ping-Form-Goldendata (jinshuju.net)