Ever since the ancient pre-COVID times of 2019, hashers have travelled North to admire some of the oldest pagodas left in Beijing and get a taste of fine countryside cuisines. But more importantly, they come for the annual pool party adventure!!!

In 2019, Moose Knuckles and More Men taught their hash child BDSaMateur how to lay the trail. In 2020, BDSaM, Truck Stop BJ, and Finger My Dough recreated part of the old trail, but may or may not have had one or five trail crossings and lost virgins. This year, for the third time, the trail will be attempted again, but with a twist! The trail will be 100% live! (We see you, Bill O’Reilly!)

Come ready to get DRUNK! Come ready to RUN! Come ready to SWIM! Come ready for ANYTHING!

The trail and restaurant are sadly NOT dog friendly! Historically, some “walkers” have had some trouble completing trail due to Beijing’s extreme summer heat and some steep climbs throughout. Be prepared for a hot and steamy adventure hike no matter which path you take!


BDSaMateur, Stilett-Hoe, and Just Hannah



Saturday, 17th June




Meet at 9.30am, bus departs at 10am sharp!



Hash Cash:

200RMB gets you a scenic round-trip bus ride, the Boxer trail, snacks, circle, bottomless drinks and a great dinner.



A-  A

Make sure you bug the Hares for an indication of the distance because they never told us!!!



Get yourselves to Joe’s early(ish) to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Make sure you fill in this separate form below with your nerd name and what you want!



What to Bring:

Mobile phone, power bank, running or hiking shoes, a water bottle or running bladder (such as a CamelBak).

A sense of adventure, direction, and humour.

Winter- lots of warm clothes, hat, gloves

Summer- sun block

Bring your own water bottle because the boxer doesn’t supply plastic water bottles! We will bring a big water for you to refill on the bus!



We need to have numbers! So go ahead and register today!

Sign up link: https://jinshuju.net/f/ZBq6AV


Meet Up:

Joe’s Bar and Kitchen (opposite the Westin Hotel)




If you’re on the Subway take Line 10 to Liangmaqiao, get out at Exit A and walk towards the Westin Hotel car park (North). It’s next to the Starbucks.


For everyone else: it’s on the third ring road. Get yourself to Joe’s!



*** IMPORTANT NOTE: The Beijing boxer hash is an off-road running hash going out to the hills around Beijing once a month. We usually aim for the second Saturday of each month, but may vary depending on the hares’ availability and other variable factors we have zero control over. Be prepared for variable weather conditions: snow, ice, heatwave, storms.

We’re a running hash. It’s ok to walk but not to lallygag. Keep moving… Heart attacks are not permitted. As we are out on mountain trails, it’s easy to get lost. Please bring a phone with you! We may or may not send a search party looking for you. If we do, chances are it will consist primarily of rabid dogs and hungry wolves. That being said, we are glad to have you join us and hope you enjoy a great day! (by the way, no you won’t be back for your important dinner date bring them along instead) ***