🥶 Brr-inging back the Polar Plunge challenge! 🥶

As we know (aaas we know) in the old Arcadian tales, swimming across a mystical lake under the full moon could transform you into a fearless werewolf! Channeling this ancient tradition, this month’s Full Moon Hash invites you to dive into icy waters, where the echoes of this mystical transformation linger.

Embrace the moon’s mesmerizing pull and dive into the frosty depths. Don’t worry; we’ve got hot drinks to thaw you out afterwards. Plus, for those bold enough to brave the cold waters, a special hash patch awaits, fit for a werewolf who conquered the chill!

So mark your calendars and break the ice with us at the coolest event in town! It’s going to be snow much fun! ❄️🏊‍♂️🍹

Walking hare: Panda Penis Pandemonium

Running hare: Lost in Sex

Beer Baron: John Wayne’s Gay Semen

What: it’s an A-to-A hash, and is not dog-friendly as well as not kid-friendly

When: Friday, 26 January. Meet at 7:00 pm

Start: 7:30 pm.

Where: Arrow Factory Brewing (箭厂啤酒(河边儿店)) 北京市朝阳区新东路1号 DRC塔园外交公寓北侧外二层小楼(渔阳饭店对面)

Liangmaqiao subway station exit D, then follow the map.


Hash cash: 30 RMB

Dress Code: It’s time to don your finest bikini/ mankini! (Before and after the plunge, cozy up in your warmest threads! Bring your snuggest jackets, fluffiest scarves, and toastiest boots to fend off the chill)

Restaurant: hash rumour has it that Arrow Factory has non-beer options