It is with a heavy beer and MaLa tears that I must inform the hash that Just Dumb and Slappy Seconds are leaving the Beijing HHH. Yes, our time has come to wish our fellow hashers a drunken and merry good-bye.

Our answer to this event is… HARING THIS SATURDAY! KiddiePoo, Super Squirter, Slappy Seconds and Just Dumb this week will be laying what will be THE BEST TRAIL EVA! Come on out with little to no clothes (for the purpose of us truly not overheating) and let us fret around our beloved city one more time together.

While frolicking in the urban jungle that is Peking, we will collectively remember all the good memories we had together. The joyous harmony of our laughter and chugging will inundate our cerebellums with emotions. But do not worry; Super Squirter will be bringing her toys in order to mask the teardrops on your face with… beer.

Apparently, we have to do themes now… So I guess wear whatever bullshit you have at home that reflects the dysfunctionality of naming someone Slappy Seconds or Just Dumb. Ladies… think of Slappy Seconds when getting prepared for the Hash? Men… Don’t think of Slappy Seconds when getting ready for the hash… However, do think of providing Just Dumb and Slappy Seconds alcohol, cigarettes and what could qualify as a decent 401K starter pack.

See you all on Saturday!

The Hares:

Slappy Seconds, Just Dumb, Kiddiepoo & Super Squirter


Saturday, July 28th


Meet up 2:30pm,Run starts at 3pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB for run and circle, 80 RMB including dinner


Si(4)Jiu(9)Cheng JiaoZi Restaurant, Wangjing Road / Guangshun Road, Wangjing West Court Area 4.


Intersection of line 14 and line 15, Wangjing Station. Get out of exit C or exit H and walk south for 200 or 160 m, respectively. The restaurant will be on the left side, second floor (next to XiongJiaCheng BBQ).