If you didn’t get enough at Nash Hash,

Here’s one more great chance for your fat ass

To eat Yunnan food, but please don’t be rude,

You can’t buy pu’er cha with hash cash.


Cheezy Balls, Whacks it Lyrical, Sneaky Sausage



A to A, Bag Drop Available



Saturday, September 4th, 2021



2:30 p.m. Run starts at 3 p.m.


Hash Cash:

Run 30 rmb, pay-your-own hash dinner at Xiao Yunnan (est. 60-80 kaui)



小云南(美术馆店) Little Yunnan (Art Museum Store)



Line 6 nanluoguxiang, line 8 national art museum. From nanluoguxiang, exit B to beiheyan dajie, turn right and walk for about 700 meters. From national art museum, exit A and walk straight on wusi dajie. Turn right at beiheyan dajie and walk another 100 meters