A hearty hello to you all. Please find the write up below!!!!
We three hares of Beijing hash are,
Bearing beer we traverse afar.
Park and Fountains, Roads and mountains,
Following yonder marks.
O beer of wonder, with Red in Bed,
Beer with royal beauty head,
Blow Harder leading, Just Alice proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect beer stop.

Your Hares:

Red in Bed, Blow Harder and Just Alice


Sunday 15 December; meet up from 13:30, drop bags, run away at 14:00

Hash cash:

30rmb run alone

80rmb run and dinner


山林风川湘家常菜  (Shanlin feng chuan xiang jia chang cai), 北京市海淀区清华东路35号北京林业大学科贸楼1层(含二层) Second Floor, Kemao Building of Beijing Forestry University, No 35 North Qinghua Road, Haidian


Qinghuadongluxikou (Line 15) Exit B, Turn left and find marks and walk east for 300 meters, or type in the restaurant or follow the wechat pin we will send on the day.