Hashers! It’s a worker’s day on the Lord’s Day of Rest! Yes!

This Sunday Hares, Slappy Seconds,Tantantalizer and Sausage Party will whisk you through the Southern parts of Beijing to celebrate the best thing that happened to Europe in the 50s… TheBirth of the European Coal and Steel Community!!! For those who don’t know, it’s the EU’s Grandpa!

Like most hashers, we’ll look like tired coal miners needing the lager to allow us to complain about the Germans taking all our jobs away, or the Southerners taking away our money. In anycase, the French will be the perfect ones, never complaining, always helping and being part of a group that is non-French.

We will have authentic European cuisine that you can find in any Chinatown in Europe. The beer will be… beer, which is very European.

We’ll be so close to the Beijing South Train station, for some of you it may be an opportune moment to leave behind Beijing and go to Shanghai.

Due to the clear absence of attention to the original Europe Day, hares Sausage Party, Tantantalizer and Slappy Seconds name July 23rd the Beijing Hash House Harriers Europe Day!

What shall we do? Love each other and give up all independence to the hares and their perfect trail. Slowly at least until we are one happy family. Any Swiss hasher will be left out. British hashers will be abandoned at a given beer stop.


Slappy Seconds, Sausage Party, Tantantalizer


Sunday, July 23rd, 2017


Meet at 2:30pm. Hash starts at 3:00pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle and dinner

Dress Code:

Dress to impress the European ladies. Wear Blue or Yellow.

Meet up:

Wu Du Cui Qing Xiang Cai Guan


Turn right as you get out of Line 4 TaoRanTing Exit C. Walk about 80m then turn right, walk about 220M then youwill see the restaurant on your right hand.

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