For the past couple of months, a few brave werewolves have faced the frigid winters of Beijing, with the pack slowly getting bigger and bigger. As the warmth returns to Beijing, it is time to restart the Howling run, take off our winter coats, and put on our summer outfits.

This howling run will be special, as we will introduce a theme to help hashers figure out their clothing choices( as we know, Hashers need all the help they can get unless it’s about beer). This run will be all things Bunnies. Why Bunnies and not dragons? Because the GM has a jacket that he wants to wear again and wants to dress in comfortable clothing.

Take inspiration from all the famous bunnies in the media, such as

Jessica Rabbit


Buggs Bunny or

Playboy Bunny


Donnie Darko

To name a few famous rabbits. The best part is that if you come dressed as a bunny, you will get a 5rmb discount for being a good sport.

Join us on Friday, March 22nd, for the fourth iteration of Howling Run. Why howling, you ask? Because it was the most polite adjective to describe our collective grunts and moans during circles.

We will also introduce some new marks that will leave you red or hopping like a rabbit from laughter or the blackouts from our refreshments.

So this will be an effortless 2k walking, 4k running trail with not one but two songbirds (beer stops) stops where you will be able to enjoy delicious Asahi( Only the best for the singers) and whatever concoction John Wayne GaySemen has come up for us( should have run a background check, Oh well). We will sing at these stops using fancy technology. Then, we will stumble towards a KTV and sing for the rest of the night.

Dress code: It is finally warm, so wear your usual running or KTV gear or buck-nacked like an actual werewolf.

Walking Hare: Just Hannah, 3P

Running hare: Pickleboy

Beer Meister: John Wayne GaySemen

What: it’s an A-to-B hash and is not dog-friendly as well as not kid-friendly

When: Friday, March  22nd. Meet at 7:30 pm. If you are a true degenerate, you can always show up early and pre-lube the hash.

Start: 8 pm.

Where: Paddy’s!

Hash cash: 35 RMB – does not include the KTV price

Restaurant: There isn’t one. Beer is all the nourishment we need.

As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children, so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness, and considerable rude behaviour. And partial nudity. Don’t be offended; it’s jocular. We’re always like that; if you’re here, you’re doing it too. For all of those reasons, this isn’t a kid-friendly activity, so – unless you’re table 1 – best stay home. Regular members of society are welcome and can participate, but be polite, be tolerant, don’t be purposefully rude, and remember that if you’re running, there’s no winner.