When: Sunday, 28th November

Meet up: 15:00 for a 15:30 start

At: 7-Eleven Store, #7 Tuanjiehu Road (If it`s there; I`ll try and check before the day)

Pre-lube: 15:00

Halfway pit stop: At an Australian bar where we can, hopefully, have a little hot wine

Dinner: We have a delicious eatery in mind, but are open to suggestions … somewhere in or near Sanlitun; let’s keep it affordable – we’re a poor family

Total kms: 15km

Weather: forecast is for a clear and sunny, cold day; minus 3 to 7 degree.

Just a few details:

  • No fee

  • A-B trail
  • Public bikes should be ok.
  • Don’t forget, this is a pay-as-you-go group – so whatever refreshments/snacks you want along the way, it’s buy or bring yourself
  • This is not a kid- or dog-friendly activity, so leave them at home

Important safety matters:

  • If you’re riding your own bike, don’t forget a small repair kit
  • Also some basic first aid stuff
  • Consider wearing a helmet
  • Consider (but not too seriously) not drinking beer on-trail
  • Seriously consider taking out accident insurance if you don’t already have health insurance … Red Snatcher has found a very affordable one – it’s rmb1.6 per person and it gives you coverage for seven days (you can also choose 30 days or 365 days coverage). Each person is responsible to do this themselves AND WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT.

Check with Red Snatcher if you want to purchase it. Make sure you do it in plenty of time. (non-Chinese speakers will need to ask a Chinese-speaking hasher for help.)