Bike Hash #6-and-a-bit

When: Saturday,

25th December …

Meet up/pre-lube: Great Leap Brewing, 6 Doujiao Hutong

Time:   13:00 for a 14:00 start

Ride:    Around the hutongs, about 15kms

Dinner: Grandma’s Kitchen, 28Shique Hutong, Dongzhimen

What’s the deal?

  • RMB150 per head, Christmas feast,includes soft drinks but does not include alcohol.
  • Bike Hash mismanagement drunkards will make and people who drink it can share the cost … it will be rmb 15 per glass.
  • If you want to drink other wine or beer, you can buy it there or bring your own. No extra charge if you bring your own.

We have to pay a deposit to Grandma’s Kitchen before 15th December. So,even though we would much prefer to be disorganized, on this occasion we must make plans.

Please try and decide before 15th December if you are going to join this amazing Bike Hand and so we have an idea of numbers. Up until about 22nd December we will be able to vary the numbers a little.

So…. bookings open! RMB150 per person please.

Join us in bike hash group to book!


Just a few details:

  • No fee
  • A-B trail
  • Public bikes should be ok.

  • Don’t forget, this is a pay-as-you-go group – so whatever refreshments/snacks you want along the way, it’s buy or bring yourself.
  • This is not a kid- or dog-friendly activity, so leave them at home … EXCEPT FOR OF COURSE – Beijing Hash House Harriers mascot kid.

Important safety matters:

  • If you’re riding your own bike, don’t forget a small repair kit
  • Also some basic first aid stuff
  • Consider wearing a helmet
  • Consider (but not too seriously) not drinking beer on-trail

Seriously consider taking out accident insurance if you don’t already have health insurance … Red Snatcher has found a very affordable one – it’s rmb 1.6 per person and it gives you coverage for seven days (you can also choose 30 days or 365 days coverage). Each person is responsible to do this themselves AND WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT.

Details posted in the Bike Hash WeChat group. Check out the site for details and to purchase it. Make sure you do it in plenty of time. (non-Chinese speakers will need to ask a Chinese-speaking hasher for help.)