AS WE KNOW, Beer is our favorite “B” word on the hash. But can we have an honorable mention for our close second…


During some hashes, the shitty hares sometimes add in a mark that looks like this (.)(.) and what is this mark? That’s right…. a boob check. It’s like an open check, with a little innuendo.

In all seriousness though, a self breast exam (a boob check, if you will) is an important tool for early detection of breast cancer. 1 in 8 women worldwide will develop this shitty disease, so being informed and raising awareness is key. That is why this April’s Pink Moon Hash is sure to to be one of the breast ever!

*We are asking for a 50 RMB donation in which all proceeds from the run will go to the Tianjin International Community Center. Every 250 RMB gets a potentially life-saving mammogram to high-risk low-income women.* One lucky hasher will be felt up to properly demonstrate how to give said proper self-boob check, and we will no doubt see some actual ta ta’s. With all this talk of titties, you had better get your butt to FMH this month!

Hash cash: 

30rmb (Wanker price) for beer stops/circle

80rmb (Legend price) for beer stops/circle + donation

Your Hares:

Walking hare: Hot Girl Farts

Live trail with runners picked on the spot!


Walking trail is approximately 5k. A-B, so walkers can sack up and help carry some sacks.


Friday, April 15. Meetup at 7:00pm, run to start at 7:30pm.

On after:

Our favorite boob friendly establishment, Paddy O’Sheas of course!


Meet up is just outside Line 1 Dawanglu station exit B.