It’s that special day of the year. A day for celebrating 49.58% of the human population. 3.905 billion foxy ladies. And we want to celebrate with YOU!

Join us for the Foxes Hash first ever family run! Hashers of every gender are welcome- wigs and tutus encouraged as a sign of respect to the Foxes.


Give love…

This run will be in support of a local charity in Ukraine. Hromada Angels are a volunteer group in Ukraine buying urgent supplies to families displaced by war. Right now, they are helping mums and newborns in prenatal hospitals that have to operate in basements and bomb shelters.


Hash cash:

30 RMB includes trail and circle beverages

Dinner pay-as-you-go

**Optional donation to Hromada Angels**



A-A, bag drop available



Tuesday, 8th March

Meet at 7pm, run starts at 7:15pm



蜗牛的家埃蒙小镇云南菜 (方家胡同)

Woniudejia Aimengxiaozhen Yunan food (Fangjia Hutong)



Building G, Number 46, Fangjia Hutong, Lama Temple


D’erections to meet up spot:

Take line 2/5, get off at Yonghe Gong Station, get out from exit F. Turn left to Fangjia Hutong, go straight about 500m.


Who are the Beijing Foxes?

We are the harriettes of the Beijing hash. Like our mythical fox spirit sisters (狐狸精), we are mischievous and alluring. We roam the hutongs of Beijing and sip wine under the stars.