There are nine million bicycles in Beijing,

That’s a fact,

It’s a thing we can’t deny,

Like the fact that we never have clear sky;


There are 1928 Hutongs in Beijing,

That’s a guess,

No-one can ever say it’s true,

But I know 八大胡同 are the best ones,

Since most reputable streetwalkers once lived there;


There are six billion people in this world,

More or less,

It makes me feel quite small,

But there’s a debauched group called hashers,

Beer is the one they love most of all;


There are four seasons on this planet,

Don’t call me a liar,

Just believe everything that I say,

Spring is the time for a pajama party;

We are high on the wire,

With beer in your sight,

Run through Hutong through rough through time,

Put your head up high,

Run with your pride,

Like this waving flag.

Slumber party is on on!

Dess Code:

Your sexiest pyjama ( if you don’t have one, come with your inborn protective layer, aka naked )

Hash Cash:

30RMB(run, beer, circle),  90RMB(run, beer, circle,dinner)

Your Hares:

Super Squirter, Snake Cunter, Hot Cockolate


A-A (dog friendly route but not the restaurant). Bags can be dropped at the restaurant.


Saturday, Mar 26th. We meet up at 1:30pm and start the run at 2:00pm SHARP!


Our hash bar, Paddy O`Shea`s of course.

Followed by our on-after-the-after at QS for the real legends.

Meet up:



Name of Restaurant: Dingxiang Niurou Lamian

Address: 240-11, Zhushikou West Street


乘车:乘坐地铁7号线,虎坊桥站 C口出,右手边步行280米

Take subway line7, get off from Exit C, Hufangqiao Station, turn right and walk 280 meters, the restaurant is right there!

Upcoming Harelines:

Sunday, 3 April #2050:          Bangasaurus Sex, Gobblin’ King, Hot Girl Farts

Saturday, 9 April #2051:        Bogan Banus, Just Stephen N, Snake Cunter

Saturday, 16 April #2052:      Cheezy Balls, Juicy Bla Bla, Just Michael Z

Saturday, 23 April #2053:      Chip n Dale, Singaporn Star, Hello Pussy

Saturday, 30 April #2054:      Show Us Your Schnitzel, Shtupwaffel, Slim Shady

Sunday, 8 May #2055:           Super Squirter, Pukelid’s Taxivomitry, Just Ed