As we know (as we know) hashers come in all shapes, sizes and varying levels of alcohol dependency. These differences manifest themselves in the hashes each hasher attends.

City hashers: the OG hashers. Don’t have lives. Often seen owning the dance floor at QS. Maintaining regular relationships proves difficult.

Full moon hashers: werewolfves disguised under the human skin, nocturnal, hide their alcoholism and howl at the moon in the cover of darkness. Often seen in even darker corners at QS at 4am slurring insults at themselves.

Bike hashers: share a love of beer but more focused on travelling large distances across a city for seemingly no reason.

Boxer hashers: commitment issues as can only commit once a month. Have an unhealthy love of singing repetitive songs and drinking equally repetitive yanjing beer. Thanks to the soothing voices of lovely Harriets, I get to enjoy the seven basic musical notes (yes, there are seven basic musical notes) at every boxer hash.

Among all these hashers one stands out. One that goes to all hashes and possesses all the traits possessed by every hasher. That hasher is Pukelid ‘s Taxivomitry!

As the most dedicated and consistent hasher, he’s totally worthy of a hash named after him—– Pukelid the Great’s Run.

Fun facts about Pukelid:

His favorite number is 7, beacuse he masturbates 7 times a week.

His favorite color is blue, because he is a hasher he’s true blue.

This hash would be his 67th hash (well very close to 69, but at least we have a 7).

He’s been living on this planet for 11,386 blue days (this Saturday).

So get your protractors out, get ready for falling into the maze of formulas and calculations. Let’s celebrate the great hasher Pukelid ‘s Taxivomitry’s 67th hash and 11,386th living day!


Pukelid, GET A LIFE!!!

Hash Cash:

30RMB(run, beer, circle),  105RMB(run, beer, circle,dinner)

Your Hares:

Snake Cunter, Bogan Banus, Just Stephen


A-A (NOT a dog friendly route). Bags can be dropped at the restaurant.


Saturday, April 9th. We meet up at 2:30pm and start the run at 3:00pm Summer time!


Our hash bar, Paddy O`Shea`s of course.

Followed by our on-after-the-after at QS for the real legends.

Meet up:



Name of Restaurant: Too long, just see the picture

Address: 101, 26# guozhanxinzuo,taiyanggong Road



Take subway line10, get off from Exit D, Taiyanggong Station, follow the GPS, walk 620 meters (about 10 mins) to the restaurant