Many centuries ago there was a prophecy that told of warriors that would one day rid the world of the greatest enemy of them all…….warm beer. The prophecy told of 4 warriors that would need the strength to cross mountains and valleys. They would trek through jungles and caves of darkness, facing terrifying creatures no hasher had seen before. The journey they would take would be perilous but their training had prepared them for this moment of destiny. After crossing the Himalayan mountains and the Yangtze river they were to find the coldest ice in all of China to ensure cold beer for all the hashers for the rest of time.

Of the warriors first, there was Pukelid’s Taxivomitry. With his mathematical intellect, he was able to always calculate a plan of attack and allocate resources as well as vomit on enemies, blinding them in battle. Second, came Sneaky Sausage, a cunning warrior able to steal meat and other supplies from sleeping enemies. The third was Snake Cunter. As the commander of an army of giant pythons and cobras enemies feared the name and told legends of men being strangled and eaten in battle. And lastly was Red Snatcher. The most merciless and blood-thirsty warrior of them all. Against an army of 100, Red Snatcher would stand alone victoriously in the pool of red blood of those who had dared to challenge her.

While the challenges may seem insurmountable and the stakes could never be higher. These warriors were born for this moment. While most known for their mighty strength and power, their stunning radiance and beauty commands the attention of the masses across continents. These warriors are known as…….The Spartans This hash is a special themed hash with new marks and new challenges. While there will be normal trail marks there will also be physical challenges along the way to test your physical abilities……and of course there will still be beer stops.

Hares: Snake Cunter , Sneaky Sausage, Red Snatcher, Pukelid’s Taxivomitry

Type: A to A Bag Drop Available

When: Aug 21st, Saturday

Time: Meet at 2:30pm, run starts at 3pm

Hash Cash: 30 RMB for run and circle 90 RMB for run, circle and dinner

Meetup: Roast Duck Beijing Style Dish 烤鸭京味菜 东城区永定门东革新里


D’erections:  Yongdingmenwai Station Line 8 / 14 Exit F, then about 130 meters eastward, the restaurant is on your left. 东城区永定门东革新里 地铁8/14号线永定门外F口步行130米