As we know (pause for response)… the Beijing hash is an esteemed group of upper-crust socialites that only demand the finest of food and drink such as lukewarm Yanjing and dubious gongbaojiding served from a rusty slop spoon… or Gobblin’ Queen’s “beef jerky” @Hotgirlfarts.

But this hash, after a 6-day work week, we are going to do something a bit different. In honor of the queens of Sex and The City we will slum it up with the plebs at a moderately posh brunch place before our hash and we will eradicate Beijing’s famous mimosa reserves.

This will feature cheese, tapas, free flow wine and breakfast cocktails… The bad news – no hash dinner and it will be either 198 kuai without booze (obviously don’t do that) or 298 kuai with booze (do that). However, this ghetto establishment asks that they know who we are and how many of us are cumming – probably to make sure we have a criminal record. So, we need a sign-up this by Wednesday at 5pm OR NO BRUNCH FOR YOU! (There will be a sign-up for

Bring your finest hats and your thirst for mimosas all of you basic betches, this hash is going to be one to remember (because you might black out).

NOTE – Going to the brunch isn’t necessary to come to this hash, but you’d be missing out!

Hash cash:
30 rmb gets you beer at stops and circle (no hash dinner, brunch is 198 kuai for all you can eat food or 298 for AYCE food and free flow drink)

Your Hares:
Steaming Pile of Shit (Charlotte), 60 Second Suck Off (Samantha), Gobblin’ King (Miranda), Gobblin’ Queen (Carrie)

A-B no bag drop

SUNDAY September 19th, 10:30 for BRUNCH 1 pm for HASH.

Probably a mimosa induced coma and/or mani-pedis

D’erections to meet up spot:


Walk 900m west of Beixinqiao Subway Line 5 exit D.


Cafe Zarah 东城区鼓楼东大街46号