This is the hash for the Worm Moon, so named because native Americans – not the rather high-handed Europeans, particularly the British and French – knew this moon after the trails that appear in the newly-thawed ground. The invaders didn’t care. Winter is over, and a growing season is begun; birds can, you know, make replacement birds and be confident in feeding them from the, you know, worms. Life’s great circle. Other names are also available; this moon is known as the Sore Eyes moon after the reflection of the heightening sun on the still-here, really? snow; unrelated to hashy exuberance, obviously. A European name for this full moon is the Lenten Moon, as this corresponds with Lent, the traditional period of fasting that precedes Easter. We’ve had pancake day. Other traditions are also available, including those induced by Spice. We won’t need a thumper.

However, this year for BJH3 there’s a small difference; we can’t resist the opportunity for a pun so we will gather for our customary indulgences not on the day – erm, evening – when the moon is full, round, buxom and voluptuously excessive but instead will choose the day when we could celebrate the wonderful usefulness and predictability of mathematics. Yes, it’s March 14th, 22/7 day! Rejoice in the predictability of circumference to diameter! Know the area! Feel the volume! Suffer under the influence of radians and know the despair of irrational transcendentality; accept that it is not possible to square the circle, no matter how many times you and your co-workers might try. Your future can only be

π is amongst us, or more attractively:

mmmm…somewhere between 223/71 and 22/7 times as nice as anything else…

Meanwhile, in the same part of town;

Our Hares: as is the tradition, we have a walking hare – Socratease – and we’ll choose/victimise/molest a participant to be the running hare on the night.

When: Monday 14 March 2022.  Assemble from 19:30, start running at 20:00.

Where: Shuangjing subway station is the nearest; come to Tous les Jours café, less than 314/2 yards to the west of exit ‘A’. There will be chalk marks and pins on the day.

Trail: This is an A-to-B run, and is dog-friendly but quite long, so suits a dachshund or corgi..It’ll probably not kid-friendly; leave the rugrats at home.

Hash cash: 30rmb run alone.

Dinner: not included (although there may be pi-e…) so we’ll eat later in loose groups. We like a bit of loose grouping. There probably will be pi–e.

On-after: We’ll have the on-after at the home of the hash, Paddy O’Shea’s bar in Dongzhimen.

Restaurant: There isn’t one.

D’erections: Take subway line 10 or line 7. Go to Shuangjing and leave by exit ‘A’. Turn to the west and follow the trail. It isn’t far.