BLESS THIS DAY! For it is here, the greatest of all holidays! 7/11!!! For those of you who either A) couldn’t make it or B) got black out drunk after drinking 11 beers in 7k…. Our last 7/11 hash was on November 7th… which I guess is what weirdos who have a logical system of writing dates would call 7/11… But this time it’s done right! The AMERICAN way!

As last time, we will be celebrating the greatest bar in Asia on this holy day with a walk full of numerology, cold beer, and shenanigans. Walkers will have a 7k walk, runners will have an 11k run. AND OF COURSE, MANY BEER STOPS. Guess how many?

WEAR your 7/11 shirts and/or patches!

If you were unfortunate enough to miss last time – we are getting 15 shirts of various sizes and 20 patches! They are the same as last time despite changes because we are lazy. Nonetheless, if you want a shirt or patch message one of the hares in case we need to order more!

Size chart is below so, estimate the size you need and we will reserve it for you – but you can try on different sizes on the day.

7/11! DOWN-DOWN!


Gobblin’ King, Kiddiepoo, Whacks it Lyrical


SUNDAY, 7/11/2021 (That’s July 11th for you non-Mericans)


Pre-gaming at THE 7/11 starts at 1:17 pm, Run starts at 3:00 pm,

On-after officially ends at 7:11 pm


A-B (no bag drop available, 7/11 is the only resto you need)

Hash Cash:

30 RMB (non-drinkers)

65 RMB (drinkers)

  • This many beer stops isn’t cheap.

Metro station / Meet up:

Line 2 / 13 Dongzhimen Exit A

地铁2/13号线 东直门地铁站A西北口

Do a U-turn out of the station, then take a right at the intersection. Walk 300m and the 7/11 is on the right side, we will be there in the alley.


Address of 7/11 Meet-up