Abandon all hope, ye who member here! This week, we are going sack to our roots to present you with a trail that has been etched into the anals of history. Since the Schlong Dynasty, runners across the globe have been trying to use their GPS running apps to map out the perfect pecker. This week’s run memorializes these efforts. Meet at the restaurant on time so we can get off on the dong foot, make some hanging right turns, and run as fast as we can to circle before darkness balls.

The trail is a boner’s throw away from the Military Museum and the CCTV tower. Rain or shine, through prick and thin, we will run. Don’t end up with the short end of the dick by being late. Remember kids, a chain is only as schlong as its weakest link.

Hares: Sneaky Sausage, Whacks it Lyrical, Bangasaurus Sex

Type: A to A, Bag Drop Available

When: Saturday, August 7, 2021

Time: 2:30 p.m. Run starts at 3 p.m.

Hash Cash: Run 30 rmb Dinner 60 rmb

Where: 同盛鑫西门串吧 (Tong Sheng Xin West Gate BBQ), 海淀区复兴路丙11号 (No.11, Fuxing Road Bing)

D’erections: Arrive at Military Museum. Use either Exit A Or E. Walk straight on Fuxing side road for 400 meters. Take a right at Liulinguan Road. Restaurant will be on your right in 600 meters.