Pictures go here; wistful vistas, hashers lost in trail, pouring rain etc

Paris. Milan. Paris. Rome. New York. All exotic locations known for their high fashion, beautiful people and the coldest beer. Picture yourself surrounded by the cultured elite, engaging in scintillating repartee in the picturesque environs of your dream location. All that is required to make this happen is venture out to Shunyi and board a plane to paradise.

For those of you behind on your work emails because you are in a daze of excitement dreaming of hobnobbing with the stars, eating and drinking the finest of food and drink, you’re shit out of luck. COVID has put paid to any kind of travel so you’ve mentally departed but stuck in Beijing.

Since you’re in Shunyi already but in Bali headspace, you may as well stay in the 8th wonder of the world and hash your ass off. You’ll get all of the above mentioned except high fashion, cultured elite, scintillating repartee and picturesque environs. Or elegant food. Luckily beautiful people and cold beer will be there.

Your Hares: Just James, Just Stu, and Socratease
When: Sunday 12 September, assemble at 14:30 and start running at 15:00
Where: Hualikan subway ???? (The hares didnt mention what line or what this is in Chinese…)

Hash cash:
30rmb run alone
Dinner not included (there’s a hash name…) so BYO in loose groups. We like a bit of loose grouping.

Restaurant; probably here;

Resto name and address tba, waiting for hare input

D’erections; Take subway line 14 to Wangjing station, change to line 15. Go to Hualikan – it won’t take long, it’s only the other side of the airport (!) – Leave by exit ‘X’, walt until you drop, take beer, continue, eat, sleep, repeat On, On!

I’ll add a walking note from ditie to resto when I know what that is…