As we know, cold beer is the spirit of hash. In our hash family we celebrate all important things with cold beer … occasions such, as birthdays, good weather, holidays, or beloved wanker fuck off. Today is the day again when we will drink cold beer to say goodbye to a sweet and much-loved hasher. So join us this Saturday, it`s gonna be a memorable weekend for all!


Super Squirter , Kink Me Baby(One more Time), Red Snatcher



A to A

Bag Drop Available



Aug 28st, Saturday



Meet at 2:30pm, run starts at 3pm


Hash Cash:

30 RMB for run and circle 90 RMB for run, circle and dinner



Tianchi Restaurant Xinjiang Style Dish 北京本味天池餐厅 东城区 旧鼓楼外大街68号


Guloudajie station, Line2/8 Exit A2,go straight to the next crossroads turn left,cross the bridge to the next crossroads ,turn right,walk about 10 meters,restaurant is on your left .