Bloody oath, Straya day has arrived. C’mon Bruce and Sheila. It’s a true blue day and you’ll have a fucken dinki-di bonzer piss-up. On Straya Day frothies are downed, schooies are gulletted, pots are necked and ponies are polished off.  Crikey!

The trail will be following these traditions with plenty of amber fluid to be down downed in one suck of the sav, so no-one’ll be as dry as a dead dingo’s donger. So come and give it a burl cos it’ll deffo be going off. Don’t be a sook just because you’re feeling a bit seedy and get your bludging arse out to the hash.

Arvo kick off is a piece of piss to find and the trail will be a deadset ripper. It’s cold like your mother-in-law’s kiss, not a stinka like in god’s country so you’ve got fuck all reason to give it a miss. Three drongos are hareing so the whole thing could be a dog’s breakfast, but if you’re unsure of what’s going on, we’ll show you the ropes. One unlucky person will “win” a prize and be stuck at silly mid-off.

There’ll be some tucker on trail and if you’re fucking whinging like like a Pom about needing a dunny you can just strain the potatoes wherever you want, fair dinkum. Don’t worry, not all things Straya will be on trail – there’ll be fuck-all flies, so no Aussie salute required, and no need for anyone to chuck a wobbly.

Don’t forget to bring some virgin cobbers.

Hash Cash:      

rmb30 for beer stops and circle

Dinner at Paddy’s: pay yourself

Your Hares:   

John the Baptist, Bogan Banus, Banana Shoes


A-B with no bag drop

No ankle biters; mongrel-friendly


Monday, January 31, 2022 (Chinese New Year EVE)

1:30 meet up, 2:00 start


Our hash bar, Paddy O’Shea’s of course. Followed by our on-after-the-on-after at QS for the real legends.


Beixinqiao Subway (line 5)北新桥地铁


Get off the train at Beixinqiao Station, dunno what exit, find the intersection of Guijie Street and Dongsi North Street, then head east for about 450m. You’ll see an illegal business operation on the northern side of the street. Of course, that’s where we will meet.

北新桥站下车,不知道哪个出口,找到簋街与东四北街交叉口,向东步行约450m。 您会在街道的北侧看到非法商业活动。 那就是我们见面的地方。

No. 190, Dongzhimen Inner Street, Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District


Upcoming Hareline:

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February 12th (Saturday) Run #2043 – The Italian Blob / Just George / Just Lee

February 20th (Sunday) Run #2044 – Red Snatcher / Just Yanan / Polish My Helmet

February 26th (Saturday) Run #2045 – Sneaky sausage / Gobblin’ King / Spicy Penis

March 5th (Saturday) Run #2046 – Steaming Pile of Shit ?? / Drinks Like a Girl / Anal Compulsion

March 13th (Sunday) Run #2047 – Shitposter_69 / Joy Ride her