That’s right: once a year the holiday rolls around. The party day. The reason for the season. The Day where if you’re reading this but you don’t come to the Hash, it means you hate women. F*ck you.


Your hares have sweat through our shirts and spit blood onto the floor to lay this magnificent trail for you, brick by brick by drop of water. It is certainly not a product of centuries of social engineering, architecture majors, and good ol’ fashioned rich people wanting to be richer. It is all your hares. We did it. We made this.

On this trail, you will see marvelous, magical, and sexual things such as grannies and not-grannies, water and not-water, and even light and dark. You will taste wondrous and sexual things such as beer and not-beer, margaritas and not-margaritas, and even whatever the hell you want. Sure, there’s history lessons available too if you’re into things like political parties, powerful women, and poems, but we won’t get into that here. Cum(my) for the cuntpany. And the drinks.

Bring yourselves, bring your family, bring your dogs and bring your children if you want to subject them to walking around on a Wednesday night. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend it but like. We won’t stop you. That’s what family means. Bring a readiness to zig and zag, to flick and flack. Bring your support for women’s rights. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, bring your support for women’s wrongs.

Date: March 8, 2023 (That’s a Wednesday)

Start gathering: 6:30 pm

We go at: 7:00 pm

Hares: Shitposter_69 , Just Qingqing

Cocktail bitch: whoever’s woman enough to do it

Type: A to A. No bag drop tho

Hash Cash: 38 rmb for run and circle, will get you:

Drinks: Margaritas, Vodka mix drinks, beer etc.

To comfirt our guilty of debauchery, on Women`s Day, we would raise  money for a child to obtain the heart surgery he/she needs but couldn’t otherwise obtain.  That surgery will truly change the child’s entire life and that of his/her family.    So it’s gonna be an amazing thing we are doing.  This kid needs 30000rmb to do the surgery, but now only raised 8000rmb, let`s help him/her.


Subway line 8 Shichahai station Exit A1 walk 30m to the South then turn right, keep walking 100m until you see below pavilion on the left.


Who are the Beijing Foxes?

We are the harriettes of the Beijing hash. Like our mythical fox spirit sisters (狐狸精), we are mischievous and alluring. We roam the hutongs of Beijing and sip wine under the stars.