This run is hold by Foxes to celebrate BJHHH`s 2100 run, the 3rd day event of our hash weekend, and keep the debauchery on! Not only for girls, all people are invited!

The original version of Rusty Bitch is “The Rusty Man”,it is an All China Nash hash challenge. We did a mimic run on November 5th last year, and we did have great fun!

Rusty man info see this:

And the after run games were fun too!

Sack race:

Spoon & Egg race:

So what do we do in a Rusty man challenge?

In a word, hangover + full English breakfast+half liter bloody mary,+500ml beer each 1.0km lap , total 4 laps or if you can do more! Two games: sack race and spoon & egg race in the end.

And for Rusty Bitch, we will change beer to different kinds of cocktails.

What we do in Rusty Bitch?

Hangover from the previous day`s free flow party + full English breakfast+half liter bloody mary at brunch,+400ml cocktail each 1.0km lap , total 4 laps or if you can do more! One shot and two games: sack race and spoon & egg race in the end.


1st -Mimosa

2nd -Tequila Sunrise


4th-Blue Foxes( vodka, rum, gin, tequila , blue and white curacao liqueur, and Red Bull cocktail)

End-Tequila shots

Looks interesting, right?图片图片图片 Of course, there will be cold beer too!

Puke is allowed but not recommended!


 We need to know the numbers  to prepare the English breakfast and Bloody Mary, so scroll down , click on ” Read more” to find the register link! 

Payment on the spot. 

If you are not planning to do the challenge, can just show up by then as normal hash, audience are very welcomed.


What to prepare: a big hangover please!

There will be prizes for 1/2/3 place of the run, and the after games.

Prize for 1 place: Foxes t-shirt in your own size and your name on the sleeve;

Prize for 2 place: Foxes mug

Prize for 3rd and games: patches


Shitposter_69; Nail me Jesus; Lost in Sex;Pukelid Taxivomitry.

What; it’s an A-to-B hash,  restaurant and the trail are both dog friendly. 


Sunday, May 28th; 

For challengers: Meet 11:00 am at restaurant. English Breakfast and Bloody Mary start at 11:00am.

For audience: meet same time at restaurant or 12:30am at beer stop nearby, will post pin in the group.


Subway station: line 10, Liangmaqiao, Line 2 Dongzhimen.

Restaurant: Arrow Factory


Hash cash:

For audience, Hash cash is 69 RMB for trail and circle drinks, including cocktails , beer, red bull , orange juice , water and Tequila shots if you like;

As this is a special run, for challengers, Arrow`s normal price for English breakfast is 95, Bloody Mary 55, but we managed to get a discount of 125RMB for these two, pay to the restaurant directly; hash cash 69, so 194 RMB in total.

Who are the Beijing Foxes?

We are the harriettes of the Beijing hash. Like our mythical fox spirit sisters (狐狸精), we are mischievous and alluring. We roam the hutongs of Beijing and sip wine under the stars.