In the hot, humid, debilitating days of summer who wants to be galloping around the streets of one of Asia’s greatest cities, all covered in confusion? Yes, that would be us. In line with our usual nonsense it’s once again time for the monthly Full Moon Hash, and this time the folk memory association is with the burgeoning natural world under warm temperatures and long days; things are growing….

Also known as the Sturgeon Moon in some areas, because this was historically when those could be more easily caught although no idea why that would be, this month’s full moon is one of the occasions when due to being a bit wobbly the orbit of the moon brings it a little closer to Earth. It appears to be a bit larger; it’s a Sturgeon Supermoon, apparently. As though we’d notice.

Nonetheless, come on down for a gentle stroll through urban Beijing. There will be beer, but no fish this time


Your Hares: 

Socratease for walking, and running hare chosen on the spot


Friday 12 August, assemble at 19:00 and start running at 19:30


meet at Sihui ditie, exit B


it’s an A-to-B hash, and is dog-friendly but not kid-friendly

Hash cash:

Run, circle, etc; 30rmb alone

Restaurant; there isn’t one. On Paddy’s!

Oh, and you’ll need to bring a green jiankangbao with a sufficiently-recent hesuan or we’ll be all huffy.