You’re floating through space. Your body is weightless and there is nothing around you but the distant glow of galaxies millions of light years away….. You are alone and the nearest human is now only a fading memory. Suddenly you find yourself falling. Slowly at first but then you gain speed until you are accelerating at a blistering pace. Color and light suddenly surrounds you and you see yourself traveling through a portal of neon Radiance. You begin to lose any sense of who you are and resign yourself to wherever it is you are being taken. Then, as suddenly as you left, you arrive in an empty room with four long hallways that fade into darkness. You begin to question where you are but more importantly where it is you want to go next. Why am I alive, what is my purpose in life, why am I so thirsty? As you try to walk your existence through time begins to bend and shift and you travel though a catalog of all of your memories and fears. You see yourself as a child and an elderly person simultaneously. You see the time as a child when your family decided to move and you left all of your friends behind. You see yourself on your wife’s death bed as she slowly slips away. You see yourself alone in bed as you look out the window into the stars, wondering if someone out there is thinking the same thing you are some where far far away. You fall to your knees as you cry out for something, anything that can make sense of who or what you have become. Then, a flash of light occurs and you see the thing you had been searching for your whole life. The thing your journey across multiple dimensions has brought you to. The thing that binds all that is real and illusionary. You reach out your hand and you feel the cool condensation of cold glass around the palm of your hand. You put the beer to your lips and everything you have ever known finally makes sense. You allow yourself to let go of every feeling of pain and fade into the cosmos. You are home.


Pukelid’s Taxivomitry (Trail), Whacks it Lyrical, Gobblin’ King, Bangasaurus Sex


A to A

Bag Drop Available


Oct 10th, Sunday


Meet at 1:30pm, run starts at 2pm (winter time!!!)

Hash Cash:

30 RMB for run and circle

90 RMB for run, circle and dinner



LiQiaoShun JiuLou ( HangTian Qiao Dian ) 利桥顺酒楼(航天桥店)


Get out at Exit C at HuaYuanQiao Station. Head south on West Third Ring Road for 400 meters. Take a left on road and walk east 500 meters on ZengGuang Road. Take a right and head south on road for 400 meters on FengCheng Road, North Street. Restaurant will be on your right.