Those of us following world events by reading beer bottle labels are aware that our fair city is once again playing host to the five-ring circus. As you know, the barbarian hordes won’t be admitted into the Middle Kingdom for this event so it is up to us sons and daughters of the Jing to keep the international spirit of ChristmasOlympics alive. So, let’s get ready to cheer for our nations’ best and prepare for the quadrennial reminder that Canada is still relevant. Sort of. Cum one, cum all to the joyful rendezvous for a primer of the city’s Olympic venues. We’ll frolic among the steel mushroom streetlights, photobomb every tourist photoshoot we encounter, and breathe in the fresh breeze of the Fifth Ring Road. Come dressed in your national colors, draped in your people’s flag, or wear a pin to show you’re down to Party. Special Olympian-esque events will take place on the trail.

Culito de Rana, Just David, Just James

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Bag Drop Available

October 17, Sunday

Meet at 1:30pm, run starts at 2pm on the dot.

DaoXiaoman BanZhijiguo Qiao Mixian (XinAo Gouwu Zhong Xin Dian)

Arrive at Olympic Green station (Lines 8 and 15). Go out of exit B and turn right as you exit the station; the restaurant is 30 meters ahead, on your right side. Note that the station may be announced as “Olympic Park station” when you’re on the train.