Well, after a summer spent toiling away in the fields office, under the blazing Beijing sun, it is time to take stock and to see what we’ve achieved.

This is the start of the autumn – yes, that means we’re staring down the barrel of the mid-autumn festival – and so we also face the prospect of cooler weather, wearing clothes in public, and general winter misery. So, your hares have decided against good advice that there’s nothing better to do under these circs than to combine several activities in one highly foolhardy nonsense and indulge ourselves in outdoor activity while we can. Winter is cumming.

Yes, this is the second annual traditional and long-hallowed Beijing Hash House Harriers Trihashlon!

We will echo the ludicrously competitive triathlon, but with – of course – beer at every occasion. There will be swimming, beer, running, beer, walking, beer, bike riding and possibly also beer stops.

Come prepared; you’ll need your swimming cossie for the stage where we mingle with the regular denizens of Liangmaqiao he you yong julebu, and your regular street cossie for the non-swimming part. You’ll also need to round up a bike if you’re hoping to complete the cycling stage; share bikes are OK, as are personal bikes. Just bring one.

The will be badges available for those who complete all three (at least) stages; they are available at Y200 a pop with reduction for each stage successfully completed, until those who complete successfully get the badge for free, whether they want it or not! Be proud! Be Loud! Be wet in public! Be sore the next day. Oh, wait, that’s….

Your Hares: 

Red Snatcher, Damaged Goods, Just Marc, Up the Butt No Babies.

Hare Away Team:

Gone and forgotten, fired due to lack of everything; Indiana Bones and Socratease


Saturday September 03, assemble at 1:30pm and start running or swimming at 2:00pm


Meet at 亮马河 swimming spot.


Liangmaqiao, exit D. There will be marks; three, since this is trihashlon…


It’s an A-to-B hash, and is dog-friendly but not kid-friendly

Hash Cash: 

Run, circle beer, etc: 30rmb alone, dinner: +75RMB


An honourable memorial; 200 but with discounts for the unreasonably competitive bastardssporty


Not far away, but no bag drop

Bag Drop: 

Clothes changes are essential for participants, so bag drop is at the start location. We’ll move the bags during the event to the restaurant so we can catch up with decenc.


Near to the start/swimming/bag drop

As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness and considerable rude behaviour going on. And partial nudity. Don’t be offended; it’s jocular, we’re always like that and if you’re here you’re doing it too. For all of those reasons this isn’t a kid-friendly activity so – unless you’re table 1 – best stay home. More regular members of society are of course very welcome and can of course take part, but be polite, be tolerant, don’t be purposefully rude and remember that if you’re running there’s no winner. Oh, and you’ll need to bring a green jiankangbao with a sufficiently-recent hesuan or we’ll be all huffy. And a mask. On on!