Everything has been rather too good recently. From the nash and away hashes to pizza festivals and glorious weeks off work (Boooooo make up days). We feel that you have been spoiled for long enough! So as we head back into hell-ish winter, we think that the hash needs to be reminded of its roots! This, hashers and hashettes, is the ‘FINE’ hash. The five out of ten hash. The hash whose apartment you never went back to because you would rather have had a McDonalds instead! After all, if you aim (swing) low, then it’s MUCH easier to succeed! So join Red in Bed, Blow Harder and Up the Butt, (No Babies) for the FINE-IEST hash you would (n)ever have dreamt of. We have a FINE trail, we have FINE Beer and we have a mighty FINE restaurant for all your FINEY needs. For all intents and purposes, this hash is completely and utterly… fine.


Up The Butt,  Red In Bed,  Blow Harder


Sunday, 20 October, 2019, meet up at 13:30, run starts at 14:00 ( Switch to winter time)

Hash Cash:

30 rmb run only

80 rmb run & dinner

Dress Code:

Nothing too good and nothing too bad,  just fine attire.


麻辣小馆(魏公村店) Ma La Xiao Guan (Weigongcun), No.  304 Weigongcun, People University Road, Haidian (北京市海淀区民族大学西路魏公村304号)


Weigongcun subway exit D, turn left and go straight for fifty meters, then turn left for fifty meters….  although really you should just wait on day for a we chat location like most people.