Prepare your camo, survival kit, polar bear fur, fedora, and (if you’re feeling particularly bold/kinky/adventurous) your whip as the hash gets ready to raid previously uncharted territory in the Beijing region. This weekend’s crusade may require maneuvers that promise to wake up the Indiana Jones in even the meekest of hashers, such as balancing between precarious ledges, rappelling sliding down frozen waterfalls and avoiding hidden booby traps. Hashers may also encounter such ferocious beasts as farmers (hopefully without rocks in their arsenal), their dogs, and these dogs’ guards. If you survive the trail – or at least most of it – you’ll be able to record your battle scars for all eternity at a scenic hash hold!

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  • Runsite: TanZheSi 潭柘寺
  • Trail:About 12 km, A to B. About -18° C. ‘Some’ shiggy, ‘some’ steep fall-offs, much scenery! An alternate walking route for those feeling a bit more Lao Tzu than Indy will be led by Tight Quim.
  • Hares: Finger My Dough, Herr Splashy Pants, Tight Quim
  • Date: Saturday January 23
  • Meet: Tim’s Texas BBQ @ 10:00am for pre-boxer brunch, 14 Dongdaqiao Rd
  • Departure: 10:30am sharp (really!)
  • Cost: 150 RMB will get you a boxer trail, snacks, circle, bottomless drinks, and a bash! Bargain!
  • Bring: The items listed above, plus all of the layers since the weather promises to be FLIPPING FREEZING. A compass (preferably one that we can also call if we lose you). Sacrifices for the temple guards.