Hashing through the snow,

Down a one-way hutong lane,

O’er the shit we go,

Drinking all the way!

Is that a flour mark?

Why are these hares so bad?

What fun it is to sing and hash,

At Paddy’s fun is had!

Drink your beer, drink your beer,

Drink it down down down,

At Paddy’s, resto, or on trail

you’re drunk all over town, hey,

Drink your beer, drink your beer,

Put it on your head,

It’s Christmas time in ol’ Beijing

What would we do instead?

Your Hares:

Chosen on the spot!!


A-A live trail! Who knows what will happen?


Thursday, December 19th; Meet at 7:30pm, run starts at 8pm sharp!!! (ish)

Hash cash:

20 RMB for run and circle


Split between diners


Paddy O’Sheas 爱尔兰酒吧, No.  28 Dongzhimen Outer Street, 东直门外大街28号


Paddy’s is between Chunxiu Lu and XinDong Lu; opposite the Australian Embassy