All through the hutongs and over the trash, to Grandmother’s hash house we go,

The hares know the way, at least that’s what they say,

if they’re lying you just make them drink!


January might be dark and cold, but that’s no excuse to miss a hash. Come howl at the full moon this Sunday with the one and only BJH3! We’re even starting earlier than usual, so no complainin’. Drink your beer, get outta here, and head to Grandma’s Kitchen.

Your Hares:

Chosen on the spot, as is tradition!


A-A Live trail! There will be flour (somewhere), there will be marks (we hope), there will be beer (for certain)!


Thursday, January 12th; Meet at 6:30, run starts at 7

Hash cash:

20 RMB for run and circle


Split between diners


Grandma’s Kitchen祖母的厨房,28 Shique Hutong


From Beixinqiao station (Line 5) take exit C, the resto is right in front of the exit.