Buck Moon FMH #166

As of the time of this writing, the Milwaukee Bucks are one win away from winning the NBA championship, and what is Milwaukee best known for? Beer!
And what is the Hash best known for? Drinking! Doe-n’t miss howling this Friday, July 23rd, with an amazing trail laid by our debut hare, Just Johnny. Dance a little saucy and if you’re lucky, they’ll throw a couple of bucks at you. If you’re feeling feisty, re-live your college daze with Jaeger shots.

Needless to say that the stars are aligning to tell us to drink and howl at the Buck Moon.

Be a deer…you doe-n’t want to miss this one.

When: Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Meet: 7:30 pm, Run starts at 8 pm

Hash Cash: 30RMB

A-B (No bag drop! If you’re running, make friends with the walkers or leave that shit at home.)

The Hares: Live trail! Running Hares are picked on the spot. Walking hare: Just Johnny!

Meeting place:
DongDaQiao Station Exit B
东大桥 出口B