This is the hash for the Snow Moon, so named because more snow commonly falls during this month than during any other. Well, that’s a view; a bit northern-hemisphere-specific, maybe, but we don’t care about that!

What’s more, ah, entertaining is that it’s also the moon for the lovers’ delight, the most exciting night of the year, the most keenly anticipated and the most – well one of the more – dammit, amongst the several heavily-commercially-promoted events during the year in which we’re encouraged to behave as though we were gullible.

This is the moon for St Valentine’s day, or night, in which we are allowed to express ourselves freely albeit without revealing our identities. We can say what we think about those we admire from afar without fear of direct retribution, and hope for an encouraging response.

Ha. When has the hash ever been like that, eh?

So, enter someone’s tunnel of love and ride or cum on the train to Joy City this Friday evening and indulge yourselves; what can possibly go wrong..?

Your Hares: 

As is the tradition, we have a walking hare – Socratease – and we’ll choose/victimise/molest a participant to be the running hare on the night


Friday 11 January 2022.  Assemble at 19:00 and start running at 19:30


Come to Joy City; if you need telling where that is, it’s a real place and you can go there; come to the intersection of Haoyang North Lu and Qingnian Lu! Live the life of Joy! It’s what you always wanted, secretly. Don’t tell anyone.Qingnian lu subway station is the nearest; there will be pins on the day.

This is an A-to-B run, and is dog-friendly but quite long, so suits a dachshund or corgi..  It’ll be cold so probably not kid-friendly; leave the rugrats at home

Hash cash:

30rmb run alone

Dinner not included so we’ll eat later in loose groups. We like a bit of loose grouping.We’ll have the on-after at the home of the hash, Paddy O’Shea’s bar in Dongzhimen


There isn’t one


Take subway line 6. Go to Qingnian Lu and leave by exit ‘B’ to find the group in front of door 10 the building, or if you’re feeling adventurous go direct to Joy City – there are signs in the Metro station for those who can’t resist the temptation of a darling – and tell us later how you got on.

Look! A whole City of Joy! Who can resist that?

Come to this door, it’s so near exit B from the station that we don’t need a bread crumb trail: