Spoooooky! there’s two full moons in October, and this one is on Halloween! That means not only is this the Hunter’s Moon, but it’s a Blue moon on Halloween! I heard you liked lame moon themes so we put lame moon themes on top of our lame moon themes – MOONS ON MOONS ON MOONS! In honor of the blue moon we have a special limited supply patch get em while ya can!

This full moon – the hounds aren’t the only ones trying to catch someone on trail, the hunter will hunt the hounds for a shitty excuse to down a beer on trail! Beware the hunter as you wind through the ghost, rat, and human feces strewn hutongs – it’s basically a low-budget haunted house.

Come bring your Halloween costume or come early and we can paint your face blue! In addition to our normal shitty trail shenanigans- we have been challenged by Date Night China to a drinking competition in the first ever Beijing Full Moon Hash – Date Night China HashMash Cup at Soi Baochao for the on after!!! They are expecting 20-40 people and we need to show them some true hash drunken skills. There will be an award that we will rotate as we plan on making this competition a yearly or biannual event. BRING IT HOME FOR THE HASH!

Date Night China is a fellow drinking club that has the goal of helping single people to hook up… So single hashers will have plenty of opportunity to continue hunting through the on after. They are having a different event early in the night… but we will meet at Soi Baochao around 11. The BEER IS FREE FOR PEOPLE IN THE DRINKING COMPETITION – and we will have drink specials there all night.

Hash cash:

30rmb (includes beer/water/drinks at beer stops and circle)

Your Hares:

Chosen on the spot, as is tradition!


A-A live trail. Bag drop at Soi Baochao (200m from circle)


Friday October 30; Meet at 7:30, run starts at 8



@Soi Baochao


 Line 2/5 Gulou Dajie 鼓楼大街  exit B. Follow this path to the start or follow the marks.