Gatorade and ibuprofen, sprite, soups of all kinds, greasy waimai… Everyone has their hangover cure, but after all of the bad juju of 2020 we can all agree we need an epic hangover cure. Come, wash and purify yourself in the cleansing hou-ly waters of Lake Houhai! As both an old Full Moon Hash and New Years Day tradition, we are celebrating the return of the Polar Plunge!

This month’s moon is a Cold Moon, and this hash promises to be just that. That being said we are starting a bit early (6pm) to limit the damage to our frostbitten teets and testicles. Warm up and get brave before the start at 4corners bar/restaurant.

As we will be drinking in bars to stay warm this run is pay as you go. Patches will be available for order with major discounts for those who actually jump in!

Will you take the plunge and sacrifice your extremities for bravery, recognition, a patch discount, and instagram photos – or will you live a coward, watching safely from the shore, laughing, and not regretting your decision? The choice is yours!




Running hares, chosen on the spot, WALKERS FOLLOW THE GM!


A-A with bag drop at four corners


Friday January 1


EARLY MEET at 5:30, STARTS at 6:00

Hash Cash:

30RMB (run and beer and circle)


Four corners or hot pot to warm our frozen huevos


Subway: Line 8 Sichahai 什刹海 exit A2 then go to Four corners