Korean BBQ, sticky floors, cheap beer, cheap food, and probably the rowdiest 7/11 drinking spot in all of Beijing – what’s not to love about the Center of the Universe? This month, come on down to enjoy an exceptionally shitty trail in the ghost town that was once the center of college life in Beijing (before Corona). Relive your college days with cheap beer, dubious alcohol, community pizza, and of course – howling at the moon!

This month is our wolf moon so bring your whole pack with ya. We will be awarding free shots to anyone demonstrating sufficiently wolf-like behavior…E.G.: smelling another hashers butt, urinating to mark territory, doing an impressive job wagging their tail…etc.

Your Hares:

Running hares, chosen on the spot, walkers *might* follow marks!



A-A with bag drop at Pyro Pizza.



Thursday January 28; Meet at 7:30, run starts at 8


Hash Cash:

30rmb (includes beer/drinks at beer stops and circle)



Pyro Pizza